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  1. Yes and no. I’d like to see a new story revolving around a new set of characters inside the Megaroad. The old / original character are there just for background. I want the VF-1 and VF-4 to be the main variable fighters.
  2. Maybe he's referencing Macross the First manga? They have my name on the items, unfortunately...
  3. Man, I miss Yamato...
  4. Hey there, sorry for the super late reply. Macross stuff has been scarce because of scarce travel in recent months. Since there’s some free time, I’ll be posting some items here... Standby...
  5. Experimentation? Testing to see if it cheaper material would sell and still look good?
  6. Nice nice... Now where’s the VT-1 Super Ostrich PF?
  7. Don’t everyone do that?
  8. The link shows “could not locate”
  9. Again. This... with NO issues at all.
  10. This... with NO issues at all.
  11. Somebody, post pictures of the box. Please.
  12. Bub

    Bye Yamcadia?

    I’m still waititng for the Arcadia VT-1 and the VF-1D... And the VF-1A Hikaru...
  13. I would have to disagree. Bandai, in their Hi-Metal R line, didn’t bother to put the proper TV arm super parts on the TV Max and Miria which is definitely a short cut for them. Yamato/Arcadia, on the other hand, are fanboys. Differentiating the TV from the DYRL by producing and releasing TV arm super parts for the, well, TV Valks. But then again Bandai already has plans for the TV and DYRL Super and/or Strike parts. So they will probably have TV Roy with his name on the canopy, a VF-1S TV (yellow/black stripe) Hikaru with his name on the canopy and DYRL Roy... and so on. Unless they decide to cancel printing the pilot’s names for the rest of the line. Oh, and Max’s and Kakizaki’s DYRL VF-1A’s better have mirror images of the the numbers 012 and 013 on their right tail fins...
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