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  1. The guy on the video could have been talking about how awesome Macross and MW are or whatever; I had to close it after just a few seconds.
  2. Yep, lost opportunity right there Maybe Nintendo was asking to much to let them use the SF.
  3. Haven't paid attention in the last week so I decided to check out what updates have been made on the Kickstarter page... ... ... ... ... This is supposed to be ROBOtech.... sooooooo robots. Where. Are. The. Fº$/%. ROBOTS!!!!
  4. Fully agree on all three. Wish they continued Animated. TF Prime got boring a lot of times.
  5. For a non-transforming OP I would go for the Fewture version (if it was not so insane expensive...). This HT version.... meh.
  6. I'm loving this series. The story is decades old and yet this thing is a meme factory. Couldn't stop laughing in India.
  7. This season is going freaking great!!! Good riddance to boring Republic City. We needed more world hopping. The action scenes are beyond awesome!!
  8. But Hank Pym should be the one behind Ultron, not Stark!! That is what the character exists for: to frakk things up. Stupid Pym, you fraked the Avengers sequel... wait. On a serious note, they've been building this up with Jarvis in IM3 and in the last Cap film where SHIELD had Jarvis too.
  9. Someone should do an abridged version of Knights of Sidonia and call it "R-tech Academy". Hell, the series already looks like a crazy future version of the Macross universe in a way so calling the weird aliens sentient protoculture and having the main character be Max’s grandson would not be too much of a stretch. Bet it would be more interesting than what HG plans to do (at least it has 12 episodes already animated).
  10. That ould probably be it. It's kinda been done before. In the old Earth X dystopian future series Loki tricked Odin into turning Thor's body female. Not the same thing like the news article says where a 100% woman is more worthy to hold the hammer bur still, not the first time the wielder of the hammer has had boobs.
  11. Pues voy a intentar darle otra oportunidad. Vi el primer capítulo pero no me enganchó. Me ancantan los resúmenes de este hombre. También me sorprende la bestial cantidad de animes que sueltan cada temporada. Knights of Sidonia ha valido la pena completamente.
  12. Dinobot overload? Well then, prepare for Dinobot Überload: http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/transformers-3rd-party-discussion/993740-mechaform-dino-mechs.html Yep, ANOTHER 3P doing dinobots LOL
  13. Year of the dinobots just got even more dinobots. Fansproject enters with their own version with targetmasters included: Looking good. And review of the production sample of the Bullsfire Swoop: Like it a lot more than the FT one.
  14. A few years ago I would have been all over that Cain. Why didn't you come out sooner!?
  15. Fully agree with Mr March here. This has cash grab written all over it. A crappy pilot with whatever money could not fit in HG's pockets and a "sorry, we tried our best". Even freaking WEP got a new Lion Voltron series made a few years ago out of their Golion license. Skullmilitia, if you go all the way I will support your kickstarter.
  16. I'm not into Robotech bashing but this looks more like a cheap way to take peoples money than a serious first step into a series. No concept art or anything you see on any serious kickstarter. Just pay up because it says "Robotech" lol. The running time of that fan made RT prequel HG killed was longer and they didn't ask for a dime.
  17. Considering that most 3P toys have the engineering level of a good Hasbro deluxe, save for the more professional Maketoys/Fansproject and MMC, and that most TF fandom goes wallets open into the first of anything, then yes, I do thing it would have gotten sales. Like I said, $300 to 400 easy; TFC other designs go for about $500 on release.
  18. The 3P world is actually a very murky place. The “fans for the fans” excuse is rather thin right now. Back when Fansproject really started the 3P thing with their add-ons for existing figures or MMC with their super obscure Hearts of Steel TF, it meant something. There is a lot of money being made out of TF fans. Little wonder that more and more companies are popping up and it’s not like they are making obscure stuff. Most are after the big sellers in order of demand. Very few do “crazy” things like making Gobots or third tier characters like Mech Ideas. Information here and there has surfaced about how much producing these things actually costs. Only case where you could say there was a real “for the fans” thing going is with the Daca Toys Kronos. Run by just tfw2005 member ARAFAT209; he designed and produced a masterpiece scale Skyfire for a price aimed at just covering costs and help fund a masterpiece scale Dreamworks Jetfire also for a low price. The toy in question is gigantic and has diecast. ARAFAT209 took feedback from people to rework the design but the project has been a troll fest. There have been stalkers, trolls, crazies and even Fantoys making condescending remarks towards the project (FT also plans to make a MP Skyfire but has only showed a blacked out drawing). The creator of the project has pretty much decided to cut communication and maybe even cancel the other two projects he had. Things got so out of hand that a youtube reviewer (the one with the whiny voice) spread misinformation saying that he had good sources that said each unit of Kronos had quality control problems. The Daca toys owner cleared that as false fast but it just goes to show that someone making a 3P toys for a good price does not attract the best kind of attention. Worth nothing that ARAFAT209 when poked by Fantoys has talked about 3P pricing. Don't think that made friends inside the sector. The money is in making toys that look like TF characters. That way you can jack up the price. Only way you can explain that these two combiner sets are worth peanuts in comparison to other 3P combiners: http://chimungmung.com/product_info.php?products_id=1819 http://chimungmung.com/product_info.php?products_id=1822 One does not have dinobot colors and the other does not have Defensor colors. They were designed by TFC, same people that designed the first Devastator, Superion and have a Predaking still in production. They sold the designs to another factory but just a bit more QC control and the right schemes and those sets could have gone for $300-$400 easy. And there is a growing dickering going around: Warbotron, who are making a MP scale Bruticus, hit small stores in the balls when they went with an exclusive deal with BBTS to give them a 90 day exclusive in the US. This deal was only informed to small stores a week before the supposed release of the first figure. To further bitch slap them, stores had been force to order high numbers of their Bruticus in the first place to get the honor of selling it. Kapow Toys, biggers etailer in Europe of 3P toys, has recently said on their FB that they are dropping a good number of 3p companies. Looks like bad communication (more like complete lack of it in some cases) and problems getting replacement parts and such has made them decide to just work with a few trusted ones. And I’m reading that other retailers plan to do the same. Looks like Hasbro will not need to step in and these companies will just eat each other out. Peoples wallets can keep up with all the high prices items coming out.
  19. Well I actually find it more interesting with the added layer of political intrigue. There are consequences to the survey corps doing what they think is right. The world of Attack on Titan was shaped like it is for a reason, technology is at a stand still and there are no flying machines out there that would be a lot better than what they currently have. Further going into why the status quo is what it is will only make the world richer. As ugly as it is their little human kingdom is in peace and united. They survey corps are the ones tearing that down with their good intentions. And since all that behind the scenes movement ties to the titans in some way they in turn are more than just evil alien invaders. Looks like there are more factions than just evil government and good guy corps.
  20. Looks really cool but really, no TV version love even by 3P?
  21. Um legs look a bit on the boring side. Normally MPs have something of aded detail to not look so simple. Still looking forward to having it.
  22. Spacebrick looks awesoooooome. Great proportions. Now I have his transformation animation stuck again in my head. God did they overuse thst bit of animation!!!
  23. "Till all are chubby" I'm really liking fatty MP UM. And if I had the money I would get that Eva Prime. Scheme is hideous but I feel I need it. Imagine Peter Cullen’s voice talking to Shinji. Bet even Optimus Prime would loose his patience and want to smack Shinji. - Shinji, get in!! Freedom, the right of all sentient beings, depends on it!!!! - Waaaahhhhh I get to pilot giant robos and live with über hot chicks, my life sucks WAAAAHHHH!!!! - Oh in the name of Primus... GET IN you little piece of crap!!!
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