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  1. Love fighter. Battroid looks neat but that side view... Like that Kawamori is using new transformations but I wish he would also experiment new things with the wings. Since Frontier all wings have been just lazy huge ass back kible. Those things should fold or do something more thant just hang in the back.
  2. Oh. My. God.... It's so out of left field... that text... wow! This needs to get made.
  3. Kawamori looks so happy when he gets to show off his legos
  4. Like how the cab breaks up in UM. That is the part the KFC Stacks does lazy by just folding it. Makes it easier to make UM smaller and not a huge beast like the KFC.
  5. Yeah, the price is great. With the store discounts it will be basically the same price as the KFC Stacks but with a transformation that looks more involved. The people that did the MP-10 should be happy right now. They can chuck out a white repaint and even with the arm gaps people would buy it
  6. Looking at the clear pic, the legs are definetly NOT the MP-10 legs with armor. so they either did a fake folding truck like the KFC one or the white prime fits like the G1 toy.
  7. Why not? The excuse with Scoria was size, parts number and complexity. None of this is the case with Swoop. The perceived added value is very poor. Chucking out an extra set of wings when nobody asked and selling a stand as something special is still very little to justify the price. BUT if people just blindly preorder and let FT run with the rather evident price hike then that opens the gates for more price hikes. Sludge? He is supposed to be very big and FT has already said it is difficult to design. There is your excuse to ask more for it. And like you say, Grimlock is Grimlock.
  8. Pre-orders are up. Pass. I can swallow Scoria for $200 but no way is this simple thing worth $200 too. How much will Sludge and Grimlock be? 260? 300??
  9. They keep this up I'm dumping my Scoria preorder. That dino mode + the robot mode works great. The potato look of Scoria now really bothers me for the asking price. Giga says they plan to go under 200$ for their bigger dinobots.
  10. Saw it last night. Fantastic web slinging action. The best so far. They also nail Spider-man’s humour, joking and clowning around when in suit. The other trilogy’s Spider-man was very boring. Gween Stacy continues to beat the crap out of MJ. She’s funny, useful and sexy. Three bad guys… that didn’t play out so good…. Spoilers Oh yeah, Electro… meh. Felt like I was watching a villain from Batman Returns. Other things: Overall, I liked the action but the story was bogged down by unnecessary crap. The main characters hold the movie. Still way better that SM3 and better than SM2... but I don't hold the original trilogy very high anyways. Certainly not on the same level as Winter Soldier. Midcredits scene… there is one… nothing to do with Spider-man movies. Don’t get nerd boners up either. Just a commercial thing. After credits: nothing
  11. There goes kid friendly transformation out the window . I actually like it. The blue shoulders need to be red or the arms look too skinny but looks fun.
  12. Cool, a new series and a UC prequel! Like the Turn A/Eureka 7 vibe from the show but they say it is kid oriented... Hope they don't screw it up like they did with AGE. That one was supposed to get a new generation of fans
  13. BAM! Winter Soldier then Agents of Shield showing the other sides. Good god, now this is the golden age of comicbook based audiovisual entertainment!! Having a hoot!!
  14. ....................................................................................................................... .................. yoink!!
  15. Due to events in the story the manga is entering a more political angle right now... but I actually love that. The implications of all that is going on will inevitably make for grand action and tension.
  16. The Gigapower people have opened up a suggestion thread for their MP Snarl over at tfw2005.com: http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/transformers-3rd-party-discussion/981315-gigapower-mp-snarl-suggestion-thread-gigapower-team.html
  17. La de Ping-pong suena interesante. Por lo menos usa un estilo visual diferente. Ya sólo eso se agradece. La de tenis de 25 capítulos también podría estar bien. Todo lo que tiene robots suena "meh" salvo Knights of Sidonia. Como Sentinel ya ha hecho un juguete y todos los robots que han hecho son de cosas que me han gustado pues le voy a dar una oportunidad a esto.
  18. Guys, Iron-man is not in the movie solving everything because So everything makes sense. The Winter Soldier comic is the one story I have not read. Hear it is pretty good but I for once wanted to see a comic movie before the story they take elements from (plus, until these movies I was not a Cap fan lol). I'll check it out soon.
  19. The Marvel Movieverse is getting bigger and taking advantage of the setting to do other types of stories. This is not a superhero movie like we are use to; more like a super spy movie with heavy comicbook influence. A lot of SHIELD influence but not hammed in like in IM2. MY GOD is that shield awesome in Cap’s hands!!! Really, the action scenes are worth the ticked alone. Falcon works great as a sidekick and I would love to eat shawarma with him but I would not be interested in a movie about him. Spoilers. Very solid theory! Agents of SHIELD is reeeeeeally going to get shaken.
  20. Same here. Like the colors but the partsforming, nosecone hanging in the back, non-locking arms in limb mode and the fact that they gave him an armpit level elbow show very lazy engineering there. It's like being huge is the only thing they went for.
  21. I could not forget about Star Saber even if I tried. Watched a lot of the japanese TF as a kid and his transformation couldn't have been more hammered into my skull. That animation sequence was shown again and again and again and again and again...
  22. That is a photoshop with thicker thighs. The real one has skinny thighs. Here you have the big guy posing: http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/transformers-3rd-party-discussion/951171-warbotron-wb01-unofficial-bruticus-541.html#post10793504 Gigantic but those elbow joints are a real eyesore at that size. Crotch plate is also a bit weird. If the Giga Snarl ends up looking half as good as this photoshop by NECIO (and for a reasonable price) I'm cancelling my potato and going for the Gigapower versions..
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