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  1. If the white was like that almostwhite grey on the drawing it would look great.
  2. Looking good! The company making it is probably Dream Ex, the one that did the unlicensed SD Golion and recently a SD Godmarz. You can see pics of these in to the left of the SDF-1 poster. http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/transformers-3rd-party-discussion/998065-pazhou-toy-fair-2014-images.html
  3. I still love you Spacebrick!! He's so awesome that he's prepared to save the universe AND bring fun to birthday parties!
  4. They are really packed individually so you will be able to order them separately. By ordering both you get an extra box with bonus items (the usual buncha stuff that once passed close to their hands during the cartoon).
  5. I'll do it if you spare me two Benjamins. It's for a good cause. Promise to put it bitchslaping a Shinji figure
  6. Damn, for a split second I read “Legioss, anyone”!!!… Sorry, carry on (f*$% Robotech news is playing with my subconscious).
  7. From the knees up it's a completelly new design. - Hips on the design follow the look of the Scoria and Grimlock hips, the proto has a Gundam style skirt like the Giga one (down to having a side skirt that neither Scoria or Grimlock have). - Abs and lower torso proportions have been changed. - Chest has completely changed shape. Before it wanted to look like the G1 toy now looks like the Giga pecs. - Shoulders have been moved forward a lot. - Upper arms are small now. - Forearms are bigger now. - All that change from "artistic idealism" to "physical reality" and yet the lower legs are practically 100% the same; they just trim the exterior part that creates the slope for the neck (slope that Giga also has). You could say they stuck their dino kibble storing lower legs into a thinner version of the Giga design.
  8. Fantoys keeps running scared I see. They do a 180º on that line art they put up for preorder months ago and try to copy the Gigapower design What happened to having your own creative vision? We have three Predakings but at least they all look different. But Gigapower should really hurry up and show their other dinobots... Fantoys needs something to copy for their last two dinobots
  9. Can't they just blame EXO like we do here? (He actually wanted the KS to succeed so maybe he jinxed it... )
  10. Really wish they had designed a real new mold for MP-11 and not just the old preKawamori proto from MP-03. They got rid of the Kawamori side skirts but the new stability of the MP-11 legs SUCKS. That toy needs the ankle tilts. The transformation by today standarts is very simple.
  11. So our clowning around can destroy the future of a beloved multimillion dollar franchise?... OMG, MW is frakking Inspector Gadget!!! This sure makes one feel empowered. Do we start a poll to see what else MW should destroy with its mighty “Hate Campaign” cannon??
  12. if you want to go hunting for Con exclusives you might get your wish actually: http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/transformers-3rd-party-discussion/994042-fansproject-exclusive-kar-krash-ler-01-columpio-g2-breakdown-diaclone-sludge.html I have M3. Looks great. You already know that the car limbs just plug there but the rest is really neat. People call Diesel a nightmare to tranform but compared to some of the complex valks it is a piece of cake. It just takes time. I find ransforming it very fun. Posability isn't that great on the legs (weak ankles) and some parts like to unlock.
  13. R.I.P Robotech Academy We never got to meet you but you gave us more entertainment that way.
  14. It's a clear example of how to use Kickstarter to give wings to an already great piece of work. Can't wait to get my DVD!
  15. There is also a very G1 looking one by a new company called Bold Forms. They showed a proto on TFCon: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.632677353484671.1073742110.407873945965014&type=1
  16. Just a few "do it for Carl" videos short of being as solid as what HG chucked out on Kickstarter... and I say this as a guy who would like to see the Robotech universe explored again. Hope the "Robotech take over" KS lasts at least untill the end of the HG one
  17. Spacebrick is looking mighty find. Very retro brick-o-licious.
  18. I find the lack of mecha designs as the biggest symptom this was hugely halfassed. Only ten days left and they only show a single plane mode??? Like you say, it would not be easy to please fans but the mecha designs were an important foundation stone for this project. This was their opportunity to chuck out a whole bunch of hybrids of planes and mospeada traits or completely new ideas. That would have gotten fans involved. The Kickstarter system would have allowed them to experiment with different design aesthetics to see what people felt made sense by voting on a bunch of them. HG could have turned a weakness into a strength. Instead they are too freaking scared to even show one single robot. Pretty much they set themselves up for fail by dilating showing the mecha designs. No way can that stand up to the expectations created.
  19. I would expect a WW to at least have defined musculature like Linda Hamilton did in Terminator 2. Not a body builder but you knew that body could take real action.
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