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  1. Where to PO Bandai web exclusive products like this?..... thanks for your help.
  2. HLJ will be my choice. I am trying to avoid any risk for $300 purchase
  3. Great photos, thanks. When can you have the first batch of mass production in stock to fulfill all the current PO? I can't wait... Now I am imaging Battle 7 and Battle Galaxy from Master Made.
  4. Showed up as "low stock" @ HLJ then gone in 20 minutes, managed to get one for myself, lol.
  5. Just ordered, must support 3rd party products.
  6. I also doubt Toynami's competence to design it, it looks great from the photos. But the VF-1 figures in the third photo are so similar to Toynami's figures, just coincidence?
  7. I just saw these photos, it is a D style transformable SDF-1, and some D-style VF-1 figures are included. As I also saw the pre-order of very similar D-style VF-1 figures (Toymani) on Bigbadtoy store http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product.aspx?product=TOY10617&mode=retail, maybe this SDF-1 is also from Toymani?
  8. Max1984


    It seems he is using another ID "2old4toys", but no more Macross reviews.
  9. Sound and light will be great if only button battery is used. AAA battery will mess the design up.
  10. Considering what Hasbro is doing this year, this is just a tiny bad move by Arcadia. I feel sick when I see the name "Basara", Macross 7 is still a good series without him.
  11. Available at HLJ(19,000) NY (17,000) and HS(18,000) again.
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