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  1. Welcome to the 3P support group. It gets worse from here. Let me introduce you to 4P: Also for Hegemon: http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/transformers-3rd-party-discussion/964610-firefair-ff-02-tw-01-hegemon-add-kit-17.html#post11031758
  2. Well, blame the animation. Kronos turns into the box with wings the animations turns into. The robot is an updated more detailed version... of a giant white robot. Go see close up pictures and you will see the detail the toy has. This isn't G1 Prime versus one of the MP Primes. You really need to cram some engineering to make a truck into an articulated cartoon accurate robot. Kronos does not need that. Being the "definitive version of the G1 character made to today's standards of engineering" means little when the alt form is a fliying brick. FT has little else to "nail" other than landing gear.
  3. Just yesterday Gigapower said they didn't want to have people tied up to a preorder until they had a somewhat accurate release time table to give to the webstores. Guess FT is feeling more panicky than respectful towards their customers right now...
  4. Yep, this looks like it could be the BEST Batman suit since the first one Burton did. The organic look, that later Burton dropped on Returns, makes better for a near supernatural night demon that hunts criminals. The Nolan trilogy concentrated too much on it being “realistic” to fight the campy Schumacher Batman and forgot the most important part: Batman dresses up like a bat TO SCARE THE LIVING crap OUT OF CRIMINALS, not to have them look as his cool military armor painted black + cape and ears.
  5. Replied to NY's message and told them I wanted to cancel. Got the "refund" status soon after. Handled some of my Bandai's recently and I can say that I finally got tired of these things. Not much fun to transform.
  6. His designs scared the crap out of me as a kid. I’m very thankful for that. R.I.P. Didn't know about this documentary a bout the movie project. Hope I get to see it. I love Jodorowsky.
  7. Fully agree here. Their Legioss-Tread could have been perfect but they just left it half way. No locking ANYWHERE, weird leg joints and the most half assed connection you could imagine. Considering their slacking, CM's lasted more than it deserved.
  8. Plus the TMNT is still a recognized name. There are two or so different cartoon series since the original that did well and the current line of toys sells so just by that this thing will have people go an see it. I actually worry for Guardians of the Galaxy if it only gets a week’s head start. Nobody knows who those characters are but change the turtles as much as Bay wants, they still look recognizable to anybody from the 80’s and onwards.
  9. Still up on NY http://www.nippon-ya...30-chronos.html
  10. NY Go! http://www.nippon-yasan.com/macross/7160-macross-30-dx-chogokin-yf-30-chronos.html
  11. Read the whole trilogy years ago. Very sad that Larsson did not get a change to finish it. Some plotlines were left hanging because of that. Watched the first of the swedish films. Always good to see a triller not set in NY or other big US city.
  12. For after the movie: What You Never Knew About Roger Rabbit http://blip.tv/nostalgiacritic/gnn-lori-prince-live-mad-hatter-1247631
  13. Honest trailer about the whole Raimi trilogy Looks like Garfield cries a heck of a lot LESS than the Tobey Parker... I also didn't remember just how personal the last trilogy was too (all the bad guys are related to Peter Parker; in the new movies some are related to Spider-man).
  14. New reason to hate Bandai: getting MW to crash when preorders for a new valk start
  15. On Nippon-yasan for 13280¥ http://www.nippon-yasan.com/figures-transformers/7148-transformers-masterpiece-mp22-ultra-magnus.html
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