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  1. I liked the theory when I was younger but what ultimatelly made me pass on the Ancient Aliens theory is that it does not really answer much. Ok, great, we were seeded/aided by aliens, but who seeded/aided THEM? Where they seeded by even more Ancient Aliens? And those? By Super Über Ancient Aliens? From that point of view the theory turns into and endles Russian doll unless one admits that at least one species did evolve and developed technology unaided. And if one did then that means that our ancestors could also have developed and advanced unaided.
  2. More KO MP Primes, now in three new flavours!! http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=41406386197 http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/transformers-3rd-party-discussion/1003228-ko-mp-10-optimus-now-white-green-purple.html
  3. Arrow got it right: Green Arrow from the start and the origin spaced out bit by bit in each episode season by season. Not a never ending origin cocktease.
  4. Mr. Spacebrick is looking mighty fine. Even with the clow colors that design kicks ass.
  5. The FT Swoop looks pretty with colors but I can't get over how simple it is. That the cartoon used the same design as the toy does not mean you can charge so much for what is basically a deluxe level transformation. At least the Bullsfire Swoop has more going on in terms of engineering. Now that UT Abominus looks HOT. Looks like it was made to go with FR, probably a Cassy design too. Only thing is that the preorders so far look a bit pricy considering that UT is not yet on the same level as MMC. Hope they do nail this one.
  6. Demasiado tarde amigo. Una vez que entras ya no sales. ¡Y mira que lo he intentado!
  7. Loved 2.22. Showed that 3.33 could be awesome. Instead they ignored the very interesting implications that 2.22 brought to the table to go for a “time skip” that was just weird for weird's sake. But of course them teen girls still look like teens even when they are pushing 30; talk about a cop out
  8. They went all out with the animation on the last two. Wow! Best season and can't wait for more.
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