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  2. Damn. The 1S is looking good. Guess I’ll have to continue this line.
  3. I don't want to collect another line, I don't want to collect another line, I don't want to collect another line... Oh cool, I'll definitely be using the black skulls with my Hikaru -1S.
  4. Thanks guys! I am now using my eagle eye, to see if i see any dust particles inside the display cabinet, lol. I may do this to all my future detolfs.
  5. Must have these 2!! I was hoping to finish up the Vermillion Team first, but this will be just as nice!
  6. Bandai will eventually get to the TV valks, the molds are alreasy done. Ono can hope
  7. And here i was thinking bandai would finish the vermilion first It is my vermilion curse.
  8. Awesome display and collection @vlenhoff
  9. Hikaru 1S, my favorite, now where is the preorder button????
  10. so....when is the PO date?
  11. It’s 2019. Pretty much any movie these days. It’s up to the person to watch a pirated version or not. Preordered the blu-ray at Target.
  12. Looks great. Was hoping they would stick to the TV line, but I do love the DYRL scheme. Maybe this one will be a website exclusive as I imagine otherwise it will be outright impossible to pre-order. I definitely need one (or three)
  13. Oh, so before the disc is in stores, it's already been pirated...? Where's the logic in distributing it online first? Well, I certainly won't need to buy it now... Edit: Now that I've seen the whole thing, I can share my thoughts. Clearly intended for a younger audience, it features a lot of bloodless violence -- nothing too intense for kids -- and it features the typical mix of humor and action that typifies most TMNT productions. There are a lot of DC Universe regulars among the voices (particularly from the LEGO DC Comics video games and spin-off cartoons), and most of them are well-cast; Troy Baker has had a lot of experience imitating both Kevin Conroy's Batman and Mark Hamill's Joker, and (although this is the first time he's performed both in the same production) he pulls off both roles admirably. The rest of the cast is appropriate, with the exception of Cas Anvar's Rah's Al Ghul (who sounds bored and disengaged) and Andrew Kishino's Shredder (who is both dull and miscast). There is some nice use of cel-shaded CGI, including sequences featuring the Batmobile and the Party Wagon, although there are also some poorly hand-drawn shots featuring a loading crane and shipping containers that really should've been CG as well. The character designs have the typical simplicity of an American TV production, and the animation is consistently adequate. As with other DC animated titles I've seen, the title sequences are a real standout; the opening credits are stylized, high-contrast black and white graphics with select touches of color, and the end credits feature a wide variety of vintage Batman covers recreated as TMNT crossovers. To say the credit sequences are the best part of the film is... faint praise, I realize... but it's absolutely the case here.
  14. Today
  15. Can't they at least squeeze in a Regult Scout as a Tamashi exclusive for Chtlristmas?
  16. onnasake

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Anyone making replacements for the part I broke?? Likely not...I'm probably the only one that broke it... Gee thanks for flipping my image for no reason, imgur.
  17. Wow, looks very nice. I hope they will make Kakizaki eventually..
  18. I do wish bandai focused on getting SDFM out first before throwing in DYRL....Two 1/48 DX releases back to back and its not from the same series ... But the warning signs were there already, with the SSP teases before....i just didn't expect bandai to release DYRL packs this year, but perhaps TV ones......
  19. I have a love-hate relationship with Bandai Webshop. Gunpla on webshop: Bandai GOTO HELL Macross on webshop: Thank the Lord Metalbuild Crossbone X-02 will be P-bandai too thank god
  20. +1. In all my years of Macross toy buying I have always preferred the TV versions to DYRL, and TV only versions are so hard to come by. But the super packs do look absolutely bloody gorgeous though. Just that we have to wait longer for TV Roy and the super parts.
  21. I think someone has already spotted this but the circled sentence does suggest that the skull markings on the side of the boosters are interchangeable to fit different S or A type DYRL markings.
  22. Thx SH9000. That sounds a more pleasant experiance.
  23. Can't tell on my mobile but supposedly higher res scans.
  24. So.....2019 christmas macross is sorted..1/48 SSP and hikaru’s DYRL ride in December and November... The only slot left this year is October, but seeing as bandai already planned November and December slots....I suppose....NO 1/60 YF-21 or anymore HMR this year! unless...multiple macross releases could still happen this end year?? Which I think of as highly unlikely, or perhaps there could be a December HMR slot in parallel with the SSP... i thibk bandai is conscious abt how much cash they can squeeze out of fans each month...
  25. Easier to purchase.
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