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  1. I see. I'll have to see if there's any way to use direct sunlight where I am then, maybe in the corridor. Can you share any reference to disassembling the Valk? Or do you have to try to locate where the hidden screws are each time?
  2. Many thanks! I don't have much direct sunlight in my apartment so I built a uv light box. Hope it goes well.
  3. Nice thanks. How long did you leave your Valk in the UV? No disassembly done correct? Did you need to block the parts without the cream?
  4. Awesome, how did you get it so clean without fading the decals? Lower percentage of hydrogen peroxide?
  5. gabuyan

    Hi-Metal R

    Details are out https://sp.tamashii.jp/item/13993/ HI-METAL R VF-0S Phoenix (Roy Focker machine)! Pre-order May 26th... 2 days from now. Three modes of transformation! Price - 15,400 yen (tax 10% included) 14,000 yen (tax excluded) Release date - October 2022 Recommended Age - 15 years old and over Overall height - 140mm (5.5 inches) Material - Made of ABS, die-cast, PVC Contents: ・ Main body ・ Pilot figure ・ Main wing left and right for flight ・ Replacement hands (left and right - 4 types each) ・ Small main wings for Battroid ・ Head machine gun left and right for Battroid ・ Gun pod ・ Pitot tube for fighter × 2 (including spare) ・ Pitot tube for Battroid ・ Sky Anti-aircraft missile triple x 4, leg booster left and right , display joint parts set, air intake shutter (closed) left and right, landing legs (front wheel, rear wheel left and right), dedicated stand.
  6. The winners will he notified on 09 May Monday by email based on the confirmation page. Don't try to submit more than one form though, they will delete duplicated entries. Also customers who have been regulars for the past year with completed purchases will have priority, though in certain cases(?) New customers will also be considered for the lottery.
  7. Amazon just shipped my order I ordered on Wed. Hope I get it well packed.
  8. My take is that Okini is a small private company while Amazon is a global mega corporation making a name for itself based on excellent service with a dedicated service centre... so technically should something happen, you'll get better support from Amazon? Just my opinion though. I order stuff from both sides haha.
  9. I see. Guess it'll depend on where you reside then. Taxes and shipping have both been increasing like crazy since 2020.
  10. Amazon includes local Japan tax when you first see the price but his is removed when you check it out so it's actually around ¥ 34 113 + Shipping. In my case it was cheaper by around 40 bucks including shipping compared to Okini. But it'll depend on your country of course.
  11. Still available at Amazon for cheaper than Okini.
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