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Countdown until the Shogakukun Macross Package Art Collection Book is released! 

The countdown has finished!

TomyTec GIMIX Macross Delta 1/144


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On 3/2/2017 at 0:08 PM, Duymon said:

Dude I would go SAL on everything if I could.. but nooooo... too many people "losing" packages via SAL on big-ticket items made HLJ adopt an EMS / Fedex only policy on big ticket items :0

Not sure why you have quotations around "losing". Do you think lost packages are only metaphorical? :p

If you have never lost a SAL package, then good for you. However, the world doesn't revolve around you alone, and packages do get lost. Last year goddamn USPS lost not one, not two, but three SAL packages of mine. Four if you include an item I sold on ebay, which USPS managed to lose on a 2 day domestic trek. 

So yeah, stuff gets lost and with as many packages as HLJ probably sends out, it adds up. 

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On 2/28/2017 at 6:34 PM, derex3592 said:

Mr. Arad done today!  Gloss coat, panel line wash and semi gloss coat sealer. Bring on Messer amd Chuck! 




Wow! That looks fantastic! Yes bring on the rest of Delta squadron! And release the SMS squadron too! :)

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16 hours ago, Major Focker said:

i really thought they were going to release 2-mode sets down the line so held off buying more then.

wrong call <slaps forehead> 

Same... hopefully they still will

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1 hour ago, Graham said:

I have a bad feeling the line didn't sell as well as they hoped, so they have stopped it, which would be a real shame.

They should at least complete the Delta valks, only Messer's and Chuck's are missing. But I'm not really sure, I've seen more unsold Glaugs lol (or maybe there were more unsold in other stores I didn't visit). And I'm still hoping for a VF1D from the SDFM side.

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5 hours ago, derex3592 said:

Man, I really hope they didn't give up, it is such a cool little line of stuff! So many possibilities! 


I think we'll find out more in about 2 months at the Shizuoka Hobby Show. If there's nothing new at Shizuoka, then the line is likely dead.

I'm inclined to think that Tomytec might put a hiatus on Macross related kits until the showing of the new anime series and return to doing real life aircraft. Two years ago they teased a VF-143 Tomcat and then nothing after they jumped aboard the Macross Modelers project.

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Maybe the price of admission for these kits was off putting to many. I was skeptical at first to jump on these but after I saw the level of detail and how good these look once assembled I binged on VF1s and VF31s kits.

But then again I think that Tomytec has been making a business of these types of kits so it must be profitable to an extent for the various other lines... maybe it just didn't gel well with the Macross demographic? This is all assumption if indeed it hasn't gone well. Hopefully I'm wrong. As my dream now is to see some Armored VF-25s in this scale and at this level of detail!  

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