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  1. Pretty sure 99% of the reissue yf29 has the shoulder gap, particular on the left shoulder.
  2. Interesting. One question thou, since the Flory wash is clay based, will it play nice with the reissue yf29's flat coating?
  3. For panel lining the new 29, what do you recommend? I only have the gundam panel line marks. Do those work ok on the new matt finish?
  4. Do you have the link to yeti stand's website? I think I will buy one because when I took down my Isamu 29 from it, I noticed there's a bit of paint chipped off from the stand tip (the paint chipping is underneath the metal bar that connect the cockpit with the lower body) after put it on the stand for a year. I've tried to google it but all I found is mic boom.
  5. Wow, Amazon japan ships fast. Placed an ordr on 19th, got it in 21st. Now it replaced my Isamu's 29's position. The matt paint looks duper great compare to the old glossy 29's.
  6. Missed the pre-order window. Now the only place selling it without a forward service is Nippon-yesan and they charge 29,800 yen for it. Not sure whether I will get it.
  7. Yup. When I was moving couple month ago, I noticed the flightpost tips "melted" off some of the paint on my Isamu yf-29. On the metal part that connects the cockpit to the lower body. But all the plastic parts that connect with the tips are ok (it's on the stand for at least 2 years).
  8. It's from the prequel Blood & Chrome. They call it the Viper MK.III
  9. Ok, I haven't bulit gunpla for at least 8 years. Nowaday a RG is even more complex than the MG I last built (Freedom ver1.0). Guess the next couple weeks gonna be busy.
  10. I only used DHL twice, and both time they charged me almost 40% of the package fee with handling fee, clearance fee, etc. on top of the tax duty that goes to the government. And that ballooned the price of my item by almost 200% adding everything up. If a website only gives me DHL shipping, I'd just shop elsewhere.
  11. Goddamn. Missed the pre-order madness because I have to work. Had to pay extra to NY to get an order 18hrs late. Oh well.
  12. Pretty sure it's impossible. The official drawing doesn't even have consistency. There's just no way that small of a backpack has enough room to hide all those legs. Also the plane nose somehow shrinks in battroid mode compare to in fighter mode. The YF-21' design is just too hard to translate from 2D drawing to actual 3D model with consistency.
  13. I think matching to the lineart is just impossible giving that the lineart/battroid mode picture are too inconsistent in proportion from picture to picture. In that battroid mode picture, the nose cone somehow just "shrinks" compare to the size of the rest of the frame. Then with the side/rear profile, the main fuselage is impossibly thin to contain all those legs and arms and what not.
  14. The shoulder piece needs to be fitted onto the canard. Since 31A's canard is bigger than the Delta's, one way to make it fit is just using the 31S's canard with the armor and plug it into the A's canard slot.
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