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Help me pick my next Valk?


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It's time to grow my collection, but I'm agonizing over what to pick up next. I'd love input from the forums to help guide the purchase.

My options:

Brera's VF-27 + Super Parts. This is the least expensive option. I'd like to finish out my collection of MacF Valks at some point.

Isamu's VF-19 Adv. This is middling expensive. It looks sweet, and I saw Macross Plus when it appeared in the U.S. somehow. It will fit in well with my VF-25s (thanks to its super parts), while being a total throwback to Macross Plus. Also, I don't have any VF-19s.

A YF-29:

Alto's--Nope. Not enough money in the bank account this week.

Ozma's--Right at the upper limit of what I can afford.

Roy's--Doable. I can get this one plus the super parts for about what I'll pay for Ozma's.

Isamu's--Easy. Cheap. I'll have to hunt a bit for super parts.

Rod's--The cheapest option. But no super parts. I really like Rod's paint scheme.

I love the fact that Valks come with add-on packs. I've gone out of my way to obtain the Yamato Super Parts and Armored Parts for my VF-1S and VF-1J. I have super parts for my RVF-25, Armored Parts for my VF-25F, Tornado Parts for my VF-25G, and Ozma's flying a naked VF-25S. The way they integrate with the figures pleases that part of my brain that likes good design.

Sell me on the virtues of the various options. Help me, Macross World Forums, you're my only hope!


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If money is a big factor, I'd try and grab the more recent releases that are still floating around so you can get them close to their retail price. There was a link posted just yesterday to HLJ with additional VF-19 Advance stock (now sold out, unfortunately). Looking at your list, I'd say Isamu's VF-19 or Rod's YF-29.

The ones that have been out of production for awhile are generally going to be well above retail, and they'll still be above retail in a few weeks or months. Only exception would be Brera's VF-27; I've been able to find those at around its original retail price, so that might be a good choice too. :ph34r:

But honestly, it comes down to which you like best. Five of your choices are YF-29s, and they're all the same aside from paint schemes and a different head unit, so it really does come down to personal preference and what you can afford.

If I was in your shoes, I'd get the VF-19. As far as Frontier valkyries go, it's a beautiful and unique unit, especially if you don't have a YF-19 already.

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Completely agree with Lolicon. The vf-19 is hands down the best toy from your list, followed by Rods yf-29. The VF -19 also holds together much better than the other ones listed, minus the fast packs in fighter mode. The advance also comes with fast packs and reaction fist effects.

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Here's the best way to go:

1. Isamu's VF-19 Advance (If this is not available, go buy the next one on the list)

2. Rod's YF-29b

3. Brera's VF-27

4. Ozma / Roy / Alto YF-29 (In that order or pick first what you want the most)

Hope that helps. ;)

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VF-19 advanced all the way. Your going to love the detail and engineering!

Super available for various prices. Just got relisted on HLJ, get it before it's gone!

After that the YF-29 Rod is a beautiful machine. So what if there's no super parts, knowing Bandai , they're on the way..

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Came to this thread to advocate for the YF-30 but since that's not on the list.

YF-19/VF-19 is top 3 Macross valkyrie designs. Every Macross fan should own one. I'm partial to the Arcadia model myself, but the Bandai is just as good from what I've seen.

Do it.

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VF-19 advanced all the way. Your going to love the detail and engineering!

Super available for various prices. Just got relisted on HLJ, get it before it's gone!

After that the YF-29 Rod is a beautiful machine. So what if there's no super parts, knowing Bandai , they're on the way..

Sad to say it's Discontinued once again since yesterday over HLJ.

But worry-not, Goobermunch. There's 2 more available over Jungle. Better get it now while it's still hot! ;)

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Personally I think the VF-19 Advance would probably be the most satisfying purchase out of your options. Then Rod & Ozma's 29's are almost dead even next and Isamu's 29 is easy to find cheaply pretty much anywhere.

Of course take on board everyone's advice to help best guide your decision but also go with what your heart tells you!

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I'm pretty much just going to echo what everybody else already said.

#1: VF-19 Advance.

The VF-19 is probably the best Valkyrie design in the Macross universe imo, and since you're into add-on parts the 19A comes with the super-parts already.

#2: YF-29 Rod.

It probably got the best color scheme out of all the 29 variants, and you can get it pretty cheap right now. CD japan has some in stock with 30% off. http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/NEOGDS-134477

#3: YF-29 Isamu.

The price for this guy seems to be jumping up and down lately (not sure what's going on), but if you can find him cheap then go for it. Just need to hunt down the super parts too.

The best outcome is try to get both the VF-19A and the YF-29 Rod if you can afford to go over your budget a little bit. Two Valks are better than one lol.

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I say go with the VF-19, it's (not a really fair assessment from a diehard 19 fan) besides it's the only different model from your list of valks.

If super parts are important for your choice of YF-29, I would say go for isamu as it is easily found, sometimes in bundle pack with the super pack, ozma's is expensive but the pack is very cheap.

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I'm going to be the odd man out and advocate for Brera's machine because its such a unique and sexy Valk, expecially in super pack configuration. Like what the others have said, its still selling for essentially the same MSRP at release, and it's highly unlikely that Bandai would do a re-issue of it, so I would grab the chance to get it now.

With the exception of Rod's custom, the YF-29's have more or less reached their ceiling price in the aftermarket IMHO and so you can probably save for one much later without worrying about any drastic changes in price (I'd get Alto's custom if you are going to get Brera's VF-27y, just to relive the epic finale of Wings of Goodbye :D).

The VF-19 Advance is a mixed bag for me as far as recommending it is concerned. Isamu's valk is iconic to be sure, but the Advance itself just got a few (albeit awesome) seconds of screen time. It didn't even get a transformation animation. So for a MacF valk, its pretty much just a side note (just like the YF-25 Prophecy). But since you are a fan of the add-on parts, I would recommend it only because it has the super pack bundled in already. But again, so does Brera's VF-27y, which you could get for almost 50 bucks cheaper at the moment. So its still Brera's machine as far as my recommendation in concerned.

And just in case you need more convincing for the VF-27y, just take a gander at Saburo's excellent photographs :wub: :


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Man, I had just made the decision to buy the VF-19 Adv., but then Brouken posed Saburo's VF-27y shots.

That's a beautiful Valk. But so is the VF-19 Adv.


Must ponder more.

Don't fret Goobermunch. Saburo also has pics of the VF-19 Advance. ;) And I might say, that one looks more lovely and beautiful than the VF-27y. :wub:







Don't you agree? ;)

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