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  1. 1. Well, after watching 30+ years worth of UC Gundam. That's the impression i'm left with, and it is the same impression I got from the original MSG as well. 3. I already said i'm not going to discuss this with you here on the Gundam TB thread. Take it to the PM if you want. (huh, you're the one who brought it up first. read my replies again.)
  2. 1. Then if you watch the rest of the UC Gundam that you would know that Newtype didn't become the savior of humanity at all. The Earth Federation sweep the idea of Newtype (NT) under the rug and NT like Amuro Ray was seen as another ace pilot. The idea of NT was more of a Zeon idea, and the White Base crew was used in the second half of the show as decoys. They just slap the title Newtype corp on them to scare the Zeon and hopefully attract more attention to the White Base. During the OYW, nobody truly understand what a Newtype is. As for the Understanding part. In the world of UC gundam, yes NT can understands each other, but that doesn't stop them from fighting and killing each other now did it? Amuro/Lalah and Haman/Judau/Kamille they understood each other through NT magic, but that didn't stop them from fighting or killing each other. Because they were on different side and circumstances wouldn't allowed it. They were all fighting for something or someone they believed in or loved, so they might understand each other's motivation they still ended up killing each other. That's the point. Understanding alone is not enough to stop wars form happening. 2. If you don't understand it, then i'm not going to address it either. it's not that important. 3. If you're that bad tempered, then you need to hit the gym or walk it off. Don't take it out on other people with passive aggressive or aggressive comments. Notice that while we did have a disagreement in the Delta thread, I didn't go after anyone on an individual bases on other threads. We had a disagreement on the show we both like ( I guess you just like it a hell lot more than me) in the Delta thread, so what happened in the Delta thread will stay in the Delta thread. There really is no need to have that spill over and taint other threads in the forum. I will repeat again. If you got a problem with me, take it to the PM. 4. I did not know that. So, for that I'm sorry for calling you a potential homophobic.
  3. If you have watched the original Gundam, a show that the original Macross took a lot of inspiration (both story line wise and the real robot aspect of it) from mind you, you would know that those teenagers didn't save the day. The main cast of the show pretty much all of them survived, but the point of the orginal gundam is that war is hell, and the biggest achievement the main characters did was just to be lucky enough to survive the One Year War. The differences between old Gundam/Macross to the modern one is the transformation of the main character from a teenager to an adult. Modern mecha anime is more about staying true to yourself and tried to change the world with (a bit childish) idealism. But hey, it's just that people wants to feel empower nowadays, so it's just more of a culture change than anything else. And honestly, you've been coming after me across a couple of threads now. I have no problem with people voicing their opinion, but if you don't back off I might to have to talk with some mods or something. If you got a problem with me personally, we can take it to the PM. Stop it with the passive aggressiveness, and that goes for a couple of your other friends too. Also, think about changing your title. Nuker of gay? I mean i'm sure it is some kind of a joke, but can you get anymore homophobic than this?
  4. Who cares about those guys. ADA for best AI waifu. Look at that sexy interface.
  5. Somebody at hlj probably made a typo of 10 per instead 1 per customer. It's probably the extras that were canceled from neoexcaliber's order.
  6. I was laughing so hard I got tears coming out of my eyes when I read that man. omg, I wonder what kind of bonus stuff are we getting with the next pre-pre-preorder of Macross online exclusive toys. Bandai, you so crazy man.
  7. So, it's the same price without the bonus stance....there is nothing NORMAL about this Bandai! This is highway robbery. What? Did they ran out of plastic at those Chinese factory sweatshop?
  8. Would you guys still want this if it turns out to be a non-transformable Christmas tree?
  9. Yeah, I'm just going with the all HMR are parts-former until stated otherwise route. Honestly, i would feel uncomfortable if it's a fully transformable valk at that scale. It'll probably blow up in your hands during transformation.
  10. I actually got the 171 + 30 transformation with the possible twisting for the legs to come down, and the arms begin probably on the outside of the leg assembly like the 30. All guess work though I suppose.
  11. You going to have to wait after Starcraft 2 and World of Starcraft finishes before thinking about Starcraft movies. Haha, no wonder the pill thing sounded familiar. Yeah, I loved Starcraft, but I couldn't get into Starcraft 2. The whole story line in SC2 pretty disregarded a lot things that happened in SC. Raynor went from swearing he was going to kill Kerrigan for screwing over everybody and killed his best friend in SC, to I can't do it man I still love her in SC2. But yeah they removed a lot of online function where you can have fun with your friend, now you have to do it through Bnet for everything. Tried Heroes of the Storm too. Got bored with it pretty quickly, not a lot of depth to the game play imo. It's all about late game fights, and if you lose one or two late game engagement that's usually game. Not sure if they did anything about that though. There is a new Heroes of the Storm action figure line by Neca. They're looking pretty good so far. You might want to look into that if you like the characters. Arthas coming out this month whooo. It's smart of them to push the movie back, no way they can compete with Star Wars...unless they got a death wish. Well, the story is there already (The 1st War). What they need to figure out is how to execute it.
  12. You better be gentle and treat it like it's a piece of feather or a virgin.
  13. Thanks for the mental pictures Renato. it's better than nothing. Hi-metal VF-2SS looks better than RT's 1/60 scale? hmm, interesting.
  14. Wait, let me get this straight. If you were going to invalidate his comments anyway, then why are you wasting time commenting on his comments. so now he has to waste his time commenting back to your comment, and other people (like me) will probably get involve commenting on both of your comments. thereby, wasting everybody's time. whaaaat... Jasonc #2 pls. We heard you the first time. Please enlighten me here. I know everybody want the VF-25 to be the next CF in Delta, but aren't you guys tired of the 25 yet? I mean we have a bunch of 25s releases for the last 8 years. Now we are going to see more 25 for the next 8 years? I mean you guys don't want to see Bandai doing new CF Valk like the 21/22 or maybe the 19? Hell, at this point I'll even take the VF-1 as the new Delta CF. Please Bandai! I know you're reading this!
  15. I'm not getting the pill reference, so you'll have to fill me in on this one. Not a trilogy? how are they going to end it? Unless they're going full AU or something. I guess they want to see if this one will make money first, before thinking making more. Yeah, the CGI looks good (probably hire the same people who made LOTR ) And I expected high quality products with Blizzard, but not ActiveVision Blizzard. We shall see I guess. Yeah, I used to raid pretty hardcore back in Vanilla wow (MC/BWL/AQ/Naxx). My guild was like top2 server wise, but it just got to the point that it felt like a second job to me with the prep and raid time. So I become a casual raider then ultimately quit before World of Panda hit.
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