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  1. Thanks spanner, still waiting for an extra armored parts for luca's nightmare. It'll be here in a couple of weeks.
  2. The nightmare on elm street gang
  3. Mini daedalus attack or should I say barrier punch. Didn't really thought I was going to touch the effect part, but I changed my mine.
  4. A friend of mine happens to be one of those 21 poor souls. He said that on the 29 of last month, all orders and the sellers account has been suspended by aliexpress security for possible fraudulent business activity. In the email that he received, aliexpress security stated that the sellers have 10 days to prove that they actually have the actual items and provide shopping information. Otherwise all funds will be refunded by aliexpress in 5 working days. Sounds like a good security to me.
  5. Well if I remember correctly that's probably not going to happen as I read somewhere in mwf that the reason yamato had to release the vf-4g is due to big west reluctance to give them the paint scheme permission mainly because in fb2012 the vf-4 is only seen in fighter mode, hence the vf-4g paint scheme from vfx which clearly shows all three modes. But I hope that changes now. I'd live to buy another one so that at the very least even if its a vf-4g, I will ne able to use all those skull squadron decals from the yamato one.
  6. That's very unfortunate Mommar, I had 2 of them (I've sold one since). Luckily both were nice, they are even tighter than my brera. I don't know about other member's experience, but you probably received a melon like I did with one one of my vf-25f renewal, that was floppy when taken out of the box. So I share your contempt.
  7. Great pics but they are missing one key ingredient: one more 0A for gerwalk mode. Btw you mentioned 2x 0S, how about the cf 0a?
  8. Wow that actually looks very nice, I wonder if a gunpod will make it look more imposing.
  9. No it's pronounced deru-ta, I kid you. But back to probable storyline, I'm thinking of New UN Spacy vs anti UN (supposedly still active) mainly due to the design of the draken valk, that bears no resemblence to known UN design (please correct me if I'm wrong) while the blue and white valk is "the natural progression" of current valks would likely mean that it's a follow on valks of current ones, seeing how continuity in design in macross verse is maintained (vf-0 to vf-1, yf-19 to vf-19, vf-17 to vf-171) at least that's what I imagine. Regardless, the prospect of vf vs vf and the possibility of planet bound dogfight brings back fun memories of those dogfight scenes from macross zero, so bring it on. Keep up the good work tochiro, I personally find your report refreshing.
  10. This one is reasonably priced I think. For those with serious awacs bird fetish. http://jungle-scs.co.jp/mobile/sale_en.cgi?action=productdetail&id=1260749
  11. Well yeti, apparently we share the same fate as I too was expecting a 25G re-issue. I too have a tornado pack and two super parts ready and waiting. But with delta coming, I'll have to start looking for it in the secondary market.
  12. I'm actually looking forward to VF vs VF dogfight scenes after looking at the picture.. it would be nice if NUNS squares off with anti UN, rebel, or rogue zentran fleet, hence the shift of focus to VF combat. But then again macross without music and love triangle, is not macross. On a note I agree that the red VF looks similar to saab J-35 draken.
  13. I say go with the VF-19, it's (not a really fair assessment from a diehard 19 fan) besides it's the only different model from your list of valks. If super parts are important for your choice of YF-29, I would say go for isamu as it is easily found, sometimes in bundle pack with the super pack, ozma's is expensive but the pack is very cheap.
  14. Yup my thoughts exactly either they have access to old yamato stock or somehow tied to the company making it for arcadia (wishful thinking) or simply like KO TF toys from china.
  15. It's a mobile suit from the hathaway flash graphic novel. A relatively canon story in gundam universe but obscure due to the lack of translation. The suits on the other hand, have been featured in many gamesHere is the wiki link yeti http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/Mobile_Suit_Gundam:_Hathaway's_Flash PS: I think the model is from the robot damashii line.
  16. Thanks spanner76 it would be more complete next to your sv-51s acquisition, especially the mass production version.
  17. Well I did have some experience purchasing item from aliexpress for my other hobby. So far I had 8 transactions from 5 different sellers. They were okay I just had an issue when ordering a starfleet uniform. The supplier sent the wrong color and size, I asked for partial refund and got 20$ and kept the item. Apparently aliexpress kept the fund until we actually click received payment or file complain. So I think as long as we know what we're getting into. Aliexpress is not bad. On a note: I suddenly have a scary thought of people sorting through the failed product bin of arcadia's production company and putting hodge-podge of parts from the junk. Scary thought. Btw 21 have bought the VF-0S, I wonder if any are members of mwf. http://m.aliexpress.com/item/32455953038.html
  18. For me it's 1 and 4 I bought the VF-0D and the 0A and I can't say I'm pleased with them. To be honest, with arcadia's price I expected something better, initially I thought the 0D was a fluke for all its shortcomings but after buying the 0A I began to have serious doubt about having arcadia's future releases, so for me it's wait and see.
  19. I was tinkering with my old yammie VF-0A when I saw the afternoon light, so I couldn't resist taking a couple of shots with my phone. Mind you it's a phone camera, so it's not in the same league as saburo's. Behold "The last sortie"
  20. Wow that's unfortunate Chronocidal, but have you considered another possibility? Cause a friend of mine kind of pushed the booster too hard and actually chipped a part of the tab, since then, he's been trying to fix the tab. But best of luck, hopefully if it's a defect, you'll be able to fix it.
  21. valkryenov

    Hi-Metal R

    How about imperial pilots, just add 2 huge wings and voila tie fighter with legs. But then again, with such seemingly small room at the back of the regult, the only thing that will fit is probably the T-1000 terminator in liquid form. Here's hoping that the real thing will actually bigger than it looks in pictures.
  22. Wow, do you know that for a fact? Cause it's news for me. Maybe you can elaborate more or some other members who know this for a fact can share their experience. I feel bad about brother beatsing, cause NY has been good for me. Hope you'll fine a solution, soon.
  23. That's also a thought, if its cheap and you want to keep it in fighter mode, then it's okay for the sake of adding the number of your collection. But if you are tight on budget you might want to consider something else.
  24. Well I personally will assume that none of us macross toy collectors are happy with the high MSRP that arcadia charges for its valkyries. That said, at the end of the day there are some of us who will balk at high price and make a decision not to purchase a damaged-prone collectibles. And some will undoubtedly resent the price but willing to commit purchasing such collectibles because they are the only offerings in town. Regardless of the niche market argument, the argument that there are those who support or against arcadia' price is not accurate. I personally am pissed at arcadia high prices and quality of items, but for that manner I'm also pissed at bandai half-hearted attempt (vf-171 cf, mac quarter or even vf-19 advance floating tabs) and the now dead yamato for their vf-1 unsafe releases. But the lower the price the higher my tolerance is. But when it comes to take a stand between buying a possible "crap" (pardon the pun) and not buying at all, there will always be people for both camps. Take for example evolution vf-2SS, it's high priced, and inaccurate in some ways, so its a matter of personal decision or commitment to buy it or to wait for something better comes along. So let us all agree to disagree. (Or we can always boycott arcadia's product and in time the company will go down or abandon macross toys production altogether, then it will be one less company that suck all those hard-earned cash and transform it to plastic junk. Not really a prospect that I like either).
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