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That's cool. Personally because of what I do Id never go salary because it'd be a significant pay cut and take me outside of the union which  is actually a good one.  But that's neither here nor there so just moving back to the product. 


Ref Gravion; admittedly I'm a lot less excited. The Toys Daily preview and in-hand pics show the colors to be much more "toy" ish than the official pictures alluded to. Regardless it's an anticipated character to own and it looks like it's definitely time to by a new detolf bc mine are going to explode. 

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The full review and gallery for Sentinel's Metamor-Force God Gravion is up! http://kumastyledesigns.com/sentinel-god-gravion-review/


The site breaks it down in full, but overall it's a gorgeous piece that really isn't so fun in play. Here are a few pics from the gallery portion:








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3 minutes ago, Numbninja said:

wow....look at the price on that thing

The price came as a surprise at first, till I realized this was 1/6 scale.

I'm not sure why they suddenly decided to jump to this scale, but the pricing is in-line with their 1/6 Ultraman figures under the Gentinel brand.

Wonder if this means they may bring the Iron Man armors to 1/6 scale too.

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I see. I googled and most that I found only have 3 waldoes rather than 4. Though information or specs says it has 4(?). And it would have made more sense to have 4 since Spider have 8 legs. Oh well. ^_^


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Saw that Re:EDIT Iron Spider the other day when I was ordering/looking for SH Figuarts Episode III Obi Wan.

Definitely noticed the price, but absolutely missed that it was 1/6 scale. I hate that Sentinel did that, at a cheaper price point I would have been tempted to add it to my collection of Re:EDIT Iron Man figures, all of which I love.


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The full review for Sentinel's Riobot R-19 The Iron Giant is up: http://kumastyledesigns.com/sentinel-iron-giant-review/


First 10/10 I've give in some time as the piece is just astounding and the price point makes it even more so. Check the link for the full details and here are some pics from the gallery portion:






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The full review for the Sentinel Collab Megaman is up. http://kumastyledesigns.com/sentinel-collab-megaman-review/


The review goes into detail but overall being a recolor it doesn't ring anything new to the table but the armor adds a special element on top of a lot of flare. Here are a few pics from the gallery:




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So I was putting away the latest Black Wing (Real Color) and did some thinking... in my humble opinion this is the best transforming toy that Sentinel has put out. Between the sculpt itself itself, the articulation, materials, and the contained transformation, I don't see anything else they've put out beating it or even close. Hell, I like this design damned near as much as Dancouga itself. Not a lot of love since it's seen more as an add-on to the king but it's damned amazing in its own right. 

Also... where the Real Color version of Dancouga is a lot more attractive to me, I actually like the regular colored version of Black Wing more. The lighter colors and separation on it let the details shine more overall although I do like the gray wings of the Real Color more.


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