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5 hours ago, enphily said:

Got my third 1/12 Synthetic human. Oh they're so damn good!S02BQYNSUz0.jpg


When will they make skin-suits so you can dress them up?

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2 hours ago, RavenHawk said:

They make them for the 1/6 scale ones, just not the 1/12

HAH! I was being completely facetious! that's awesome!:rofl:

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51 minutes ago, RavenHawk said:

Actually, Duke from their G.I. Joe crossover line is probably a better example of the synthetic human with a people suit on.


Very Terminator

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8 minutes ago, Valkyrie Hunter D said:

Cyber Slim Shady

Image result for Eminem pistol


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I agree. I come here much more so to see you guys' pics than post my own!

Alright, so got the article for Sentinel's Riobot Getter Devolution Black Getter up. http://kumastyledesigns.com/sentinel-devolution-black-getter-review/


Basically, I didn't even do a breakdown of this one because it's direct repaint of the Getter 1 with an added scarf and different spikes on the left forearm. I absolutely gave it a 10 though because per usual Sentinel really made the redeco more than just that. It's an awesome display piece and I really feel like they get the "essence" of what the Armageddon Getter Ryoma represented and that's why they transfer it so well to non-canon Getter Ryomas where other company Black Getters really fall flat, IMO. Here are some pics from the gallery:





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Showing off the Modular aspects of the Sentinel Riobot Blodias and B-Riots. This line was so damned underrated and it's right behind Giant Gorg as Sentinel's best work ever. The potential of these was through the damned roof.


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