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Syfy Channel originals, they are low budget classics that are primarily creature features that have been going on since 2002 with over 200 some film titles having the honor of being classified as such. With that said I figured we need a thread and I'll start by posting every original I've seen to date:

Eye of The Beast
Komodo vs. Cobra
Hammerhead: Shark Frenzy
SS Doom Trooper
Snakehead Terror
Atomic Twister
Curse of the Komodo
Caved In: Prehistoric Terror
Reign of the Gargoyles
Headless Horseman
Snake King
Basilisk: The Serpent King
Stan Lee's Harpies
Lake Placid 2
Lake Placid 3
Lake Placid: The Final Chapter
House of the Dead 2
Dragon Fighter
Dragon Storm
Sands of Oblivion
Species 3
Species: The Awakening
Chupacabra: Dark Seas/Chupacabra Terror
Deep Shock
Savage Planet
Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep
Something Beneath
Mega Snake
Spiders 2
Alien Apocalypse
A.I. Assault
Project Viper
Stan Lee's Lightspeed
Ice Spiders
Sasquatch Mountain
Attack of the Sabertooth
Bats: Human Harvest
Alien Lockdown
Species: The Awakening
Dungeons and Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God
Dungeons and Dragons: The Book of Vile Darkness
Wraiths of Roanoke
Locusts: The 8th Plague
Anonymous Rex
Pumpkinhead 3: Ashes to Ashes
Pumpkinhead 4: Blood Feud
Raptor Island
Dragon Dynasty
Rock Monster
Aztec Rex
Anaconda 3: The Offspring
Anacondas 4: Trail of Blood
Monster Ark
In The Spider's Web
Ba'al: The Storm God
Deadly Swarm
Riddles of The Sphinx
Sea Beast
Star Runners
Sand Serpents
Flu Birds
Malibu Shark Attack
Lock Ness Terror
Ghost Voyage
Beyond Sherwood Forest
Ice Twisters
Thor: Hammer of The Gods
Beauty and The Beast: A Dark Tale
Mongolian Death Worms
Dinocroc vs. Super Gator
Stonehenge Apocalypse
Frost Giant/Arctic Predator
NYC: Tornado Terror
Dark Relic
Children of The Corn
Triassic Attack
Red: Werewolf Hunter
Showdown at Area 51
Iron Invader
Mega Python vs. Gatoroid
Area 51
High Plain Invaders
Scream of The Banshee
Ferocious Planet
Almighty Thor
Sinbad and The Minotaur
Swamp Shark
Ice Road Terror
Killer Mountain
Lightning Strikes
Aladdin and The Death Lamp
Pegasus vs. Chimera
Camel Spiders
Ghost Storm
The Book of Beasts
Dragon Wasps

What are your thoughts on this classic legacy? B))

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Whats cool about a lot of these films, is seeing some of the old stars being cast in them.

The last few I've watched were Malibu shark attack, swamp shark, abominable snowman and primal.

I got home one friday night and fell asleep watching another one with Bruce Boxleitner. It was called boneater.

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I still love this particular topic from io9 a few years back, where they were discussing what the next screwball monster movie should be.

At one point, someone brings up the fact that they're running out of monsters... so they should start combining animals with forces of nature. Hilarity ensues.


Also, Mansquito always needed a sequel: Miss Quito.

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I finally managed to watch Sharknado.... And I was disappointed, it was quite meh. It was basically a zombie movie with sharks that travel through tidal waves with the actual tornadoes being irrelevant until the last fifth. At least Ghost Shark looks promising since the title monster can attack you on slip-n-slides and drag you down into buckets.

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I wonder who will be cast in the sequel. SYFY should reair it sometime soon.

The Asylum doesn't usually bring back the same actors for their sequels. So just think of any actor, actress or singer that hasn't been relevant over the past 30 years. After all, that's how The Asylum operates.

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I still feel like this is the best moment in any scifi original flick ever...


As horribly amazing as that was, it's hard to argue against it.

And Gatoroid sounds like a Robo***h term. :ph34r:


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Haven't seen the second one yet, since we dropped our cable...

So I take it there's much less sitting-in-car-squinting action this time?

The wife was woeful the other day: she's a shark scientist and was unable to attend the big annual conference this year. Apparently they rented out a sports bar for the premier and put Sharknado2 on the big screen.

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