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Whoa, Vera Farmiga!- if you told me she sang, I'd be thinking something folksy or maybe pop, something with a lighter touch. Admittedly, what she's singing isn't to my taste, but props to her for doing it.

Harkening back to toon intros, the ones that continue to play in my head, and get sung in the shower, are M.A.S.K., Galaxy Rangers (No Guts, No Glory), Mighty Orbots, Pole Position, Bionic Six, the original (and best) Transformers theme. There was something uplifting, inspiring, and fun in all those old 80s songs. The whole period, really- despite being under the Cold War umbrella of impending nuclear doom, it was a very positive upbeat period, which is reflected in much of the pop culture media of the time. And then grunge happened....all downhill from there. 😄

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