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Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV


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Nyanko, That's paper? Amazing unique skills

GMK, Very nice progress cleaning up the scratch build. Impressive.

Wish I had half your abilities.

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Probably a long project since I procrastinate a lot.


  • Repair whatever is broken. It will be a fixed battroid toy (which basicaly involves destroying more parts as well lol)
  • depending on the availability of tool and my limited skill, I might cut the wing short to have that compact backpack similar to lineart
  • Paint scheme will be boring gray or off-white scheme with limited decal here and there. The key is to make it compatible to any scheme I might have for the GBP)
  • If I have extra funds in the future, I might replace the head unit with Kurisama work on Macross Ride or Macross First head unit. (unless that VF-1D the First version is made). I really hate the obvious seamline on the VF-1 Head.
  • Repaint the GBP armor (final scheme not yet decided)


PS: If you are in the Philippines and you want to trade with GBP armor since you want the extra Tampo on it. Message me here, I am more willing to trade with you since everything will be removed when I paint it anyway.

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Finished Ban Dai's 1/72 Tie Interceptor kit today. Fun quick little kit. Lost one little F'N piece, looked for it for 2 hours, hopefully it'll turn up. Went with Gun Metal then Metalizer Dark Anodizing Silver over that for the base. Tie color is Light Grey /Neutral Grey with a dash of blue. Came out good! Gloss coat and a simple Dark Dirt wash and then a flat coat to round it out. Scratch made the front window glass as well. :-)







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That looks great! I've got that kit in my to build pile! Thinking about doing it next, very nervous about it as I've never done a transformable kit, but these look like the real deal. I just have a feeling it's gonna be one of those kits where the first one will be a massive learning curve!

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I saw you building the aircrafts of "le grande duc" on scalemates, is the Mistel in there, too? Any aircrafts finished from that series?


It is the Mistel. The other projects are only ideas, even if kits are already in my stash !

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