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Graham's Sig


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May be the beast is referring to the Monster...fat chance but wouldn't that be nice....actually, the monster can explain the previous clues about "penetration"....I wonder....



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Or he's just a Fan of the Metal Gear Solid series and awaits MGS4...

The Beauty and the Beast Unit

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If they made a 1/60 monster I'd clear an entire wall of shelves just to display the thing. It's my favorite of all macross mecha.

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Might be Priss and the Motoslave... :huh:

Would certianly make me happy... but it's been announced so I don't see it being a clue Graham would use

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Some shots in the dark:

1/60 VF-11B Thunderbolt = Beauty

1/60 Armored Thunderbolt/protect armor = Beast -no armor in M+, so unlikely

Between greatness=1/48 and a joke=1/100 (take apart VF-0 was a JOKE of a transforming toy) he saw perfection=1/60, the bastards=1/60 VF-1 redo. -maybe

Between greatness=Minmay and a joke=Basara, he saw perfection=Sharon - a figure of Sharon maybe? Not likely.

Argh, I dunno, I just keep coming back to Graham's riddle signatures, I can't help it. I wonder if they're even Macross related. :(

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Is this gonna be like the "I'm amphibious" quote from awhile back that really wasn't a hint about a future release? :huh:

When I first saw this latest sig, I just figured it was Graham putting up a quote/lyric he considers really cool. Nothing more, nothing less.

Am I correct? (for once in this thread) :lol:

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don't know how long his new sig has been there, just noticed it

does it means for the upcoming release YF-21 putting and end to the usual macrossworld complaining?! certainly hope so, since I skipped the rest of Yamato's Zero line after the floppy mess the VF-0S was and I'm almost ready to shell out 200+ for the 21


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I'm guessing it's referring to the upcoming YF-21. Maybe the G-man got himself a production run version of the bird. I remember him saying that it due out end of April-early May.

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