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  1. 01:01 ....Isn't that the Wilhelm Scream?
  2. Even if there is a "spirit", that was simply exorcised by Covid "Yes we would have liked to have stayed in the spirit of our normal business Your Honor,... but as we -including Ms. Johannson- know, a certain case of force majeure called Covid-19 has made that impossible"
  3. Ok, if I say I want nothing to do with this reboot ...am I a sexist again?
  4. Not Christmas ornaments, since I stopped going all out on the holidays, but every other year or so, I try to make a creative Christmas card to send around This is the one for this year, added a few Easter eggs
  5. So this looks like a bad version of Ratatouille or Tin Tin, where the budget ran out for most of the CGI Take it easy on them, they didn't have a lot of sourcematerial ....oh wait:
  6. I'm guessing her eyes are "posable"?
  7. Too bad Shirow never continued the series
  8. C'mon guys, put those 2 up, you're gonna have to add this one:
  9. Nah, stock 540 on each axle I never did dig deep in what was possible (gathering info on a rebuild opened up a plethora of aftermarket mods and adds) and brushless wasn't a thing back then, let alone Lipo batteries I also do not see any benefit on MORE power, IMO it looks cartoonish to have an RC monster truck go a 'scaled' 100 mph As for your Optima, I wouldn't know, but if it's a poplular model like my Clod, I wouldn't be surprised to find a treasure trove of aftermarket modders out there I had the Saitek X-55, Same stick, and though I loved the ergonomics, i found myself fixing broken wires after a little more than 100 hours use Hope Logitech put some work in it after acquiring Madcatz/Saitek (I know the first "Blue" X-56's were recolored X-55 Rhinos and still had terrible QC) I play Cliffs of Dover and Elite Dangerous (used to 'play' SC, but got tired of that ongoing disaster), now running Oculus Rift, Virpil MT50 Mongoost T50cm Stick and T50 Throttle (v.1), Saitek Combat Rudders with 2x Thrustmaster MFD Cougar (Won't be running out of buttons soon )
  10. Talking about RC models I have an old Clod Buster on my shelf (Post Chevy/Pre 4x4x4 logo-ed grill) Did some mods to it, like adapting the chassis to hold 3 batteries (1 for each motor/esc) 1 for powering the lights making rear lights in the chassis, putting beams on the roll bar Nowadays I'm contemplating on 'improving' the Clod Basically a 'different' Juggernaut Clod Shell, wheels and suspension on Bruiser/Hi lift/CR-01 chassis/powertransfer, dual servo steering
  11. "But honey, that is a reaaaaaally small asian girl standing next to it, like 65% smaller than normal and you know how small they are normally"
  12. Been playing guitar for longer than I've been collecting anime figures, haven't improved much over the years, for several reasons Collecting anime figures is on a very, VERY low priority, having no place to showcase them is one of the reasons, the other is cost in combination with real life and my most expensive hobby:
  13. I simply can't get over the absence of Mel Blanc's voices
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