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  1. I think it's rather cool that these guys start with the toy that was never released
  2. Now, I have to re-watch (of course ) but wasn't there also a scene where she lost het bracelets/armbands which held back her full power?
  3. Love this anime, was on the list of which character I would get tattooed (couldn't find any good designs on the internet at the time, hey it was 1998) ....still wouldn't mind obtaining an A-ko figure, but this was before merchandising an anime was at the level it is now, let alone the western market being as 'obtainable' as it is today
  4. Yes, but that was not the premise of the statement
  5. I cannot consider someone dying because of him/her exercising their freedom of choice/right to bodily autonomy to be sad I wouldn't consider it a smart thing, but who am I to judge? I smoke, ride a motorcycle and have not been vaccinated
  6. Alas, no more Meat The first tape I ever played as a little boy, and I played it until the pitch dropped noticeably from the tape stretching But my good sir, then you haven't paid enough attention to Mr. Steinman's story Unfortunately, Heaven couldn't wait anymore
  7. At 24 I landed a steady job, still work there to this day ...That's about it really
  8. I think it's a lack in creativity that they didn't use more different poses for them
  9. 01:01 ....Isn't that the Wilhelm Scream?
  10. Even if there is a "spirit", that was simply exorcised by Covid "Yes we would have liked to have stayed in the spirit of our normal business Your Honor,... but as we -including Ms. Johannson- know, a certain case of force majeure called Covid-19 has made that impossible"
  11. Ok, if I say I want nothing to do with this reboot ...am I a sexist again?
  12. Not Christmas ornaments, since I stopped going all out on the holidays, but every other year or so, I try to make a creative Christmas card to send around This is the one for this year, added a few Easter eggs
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