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6 Foot Long Daedalus Scratch Build Up

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Hey everyone, FINALLY an update! A lot has happened since my last post! We moved to a great house that almost completely flooded out thanks to a stupid toilet valve, then we roughed it for a month while the house was rebuilt "like it never happened" and I'm transitioning from one career to another. All that has left little time (and money) for my hobbies.

The good news, parts that have been sealed away since 2006 to be re-assembled onto the Daedalus have been cracked opened like Tuts tomb (feels that ancient too)!

The props had some minor oxidation on them which cleaned up easy (photo) and all the parts went together well despite paint being applied.

Most paint except for the radars and touch-ups is done. Decals are done and only one elevator needs repainting after the finish orange peeled (but nothing else did!?).

These are phone photos which seem to stop the warping our camera causes. A few more photos will come with the final fixes. I hope you enjoy them.-MT















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This thing is so much more gorgeous in person. I took videos but as always, we talked too much crap and my and Nick's vulgar mouth can't stop cussing when talking lol. I need to edit out the sound.

It's practically going to a museum. At least it'll be somewhere safe and appreciated. Props!

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You could lend it to the local swat team so they can use it for a 'Daedalus Attack' door entry battering ram!

In all seriousness, that thing looks awesome. I remember drooling over this thread every time you posted an update. I'm glad to see it so close to completion.

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Amazing work!

The flight deck textured surface is a nice touch as well as the interior lighting.

The bridges are what truly amazed me though! B))

Is the length to scale? Hard to believe the vessel is submersible.

With all the protuding angles i suspect it could only move about 10 knots/h... :unsure:

Of course well need hires images uploaded in zip format so we can see up close the detail work of this brilliant project.

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Thanks a million guys! I loaded a video of the bridge radars spinning and the lights lit, but it doesn't take for some reason. Looks like the default camera is going to be my phone now. It doesn't warp the photos of the ship at length like my old one did.

EXO, if you could load those videos, that would be great! Off to go fix the paint! Taker care guys! - MT

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Truly incredible, I think this is something that a person could take a lifetime to complete, and you have done it despite the home trouble and career changes.

I was seriously stunned to see the interior so detailed, makes me think I can do up a display case interior no problem after seeing you've done the same at 4x the scale!

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This thing is so much more gorgeous in person. I took videos but as always, we talked too much crap and my and Nick's vulgar mouth can't stop cussing when talking lol. I need to edit out the sound.

It's practically going to a museum. At least it'll be somewhere safe and appreciated. Props!

Practically going to a Museum.... Kickers residence? LOL

Seriously MT, this Daedalus you built is a masterpiece in all ways, just need to add your Destroid mecha and she'll be complete. B))

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Thank you guys AGAIN for the great compliments! I'm glad to see her basically done! Here's some more pictures. The plan is to compile the photos and some video into a movie and post it up on youtube. I'm also hoping Hobby Japan is still interested in a story just for the cool factor(after drooling over others builds all these years).

The elevator is almost fixed for the THIRD TIME and if you sing "I like big butts..." while viewing the stern shots it helps!:-)

Next I gotta get some professional shots and ship this baby off. Take care everyone!-MT












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why didnt I stumble on this thread before? This is amazing. The "indoor" shots look amazing! feels like being in a real one.

maybe an indoor google sphere shots? so that we can use a VR cardboard with our phones to explore the inner workings?

Great Job!

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Thank you Aaajin, but I'm not familiar with that software. Can you expound on that?

Below FREEZING weather is delaying any painting for the moment.- MT

Edited by MechTech
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Oh no its not a specific software, just using an android phone you can take a full (or partial) spherical 360 degees picture. In short, a photosphere.

You can then use the image, your phone (with an app), and a Virtual Reality cardboard kit (that you wear as a goggle) to look at the image in a VR setting.

The phone acts as the screen and the gyro in the phone will detect your head's movements (tilt/turn), recreating the experience of being in the ARMD itself!

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Thanks Nyankodevice, your SDF build looks great too! I wish I had an enlarging ray so I could connect the Daedalus with your build;-) At least to 1/350th scale, that's what the next builds will be.-MT

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That's funny! THANKS GUYS! Working on making up a crate and videoing everything before parting with my baby! Got some professional shots done this past weekend and contacting Hobby Japan to see if they still want the article.-MT

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So I go to make some last checks on the main hatch and the who dang gearcase assembly explodes! I rebuild it and the motor dies. So I replaced it with a bigger motor - which also dies! The next day I had surgery and knew I'd be out of it for a couple weeks. So what am I thinking about in recovery? You guessed it, "stupid gearcase!" Photos to come later.-MT

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Earlier this year, I asked MechTech if he would be interested in allowing me

to put edit together a multimedia ebook based on his forum posts and

participate in interview series to celebrate his work on the 1/200

Daedalus model. So, he said "okay".

The first volume of the 1/200 Daedalus project ebook

and edited version of the interview we did together earlier this year

is now posted on the front page of Macross World!

If you see any need for corrections or re-writes to the ebook, then you can

contact me for updates.

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Small update. Spent most of this week fixing the main hatch gearbox. Long story short, the small motor fried (similar model in photo). Then I put a bigger one in which fried when micro debris clogged the gearcase. I also noticed the coarse threaded drive rod was causing excess wear on the gearcase so I fabricated a 4mm drive rod which lightens the load on the motor and gearcase, but also slows the door opening speed. I also modified a larger motor to give more torque and hopefully fix the drive for good! It won't win any beauty contests because I can't remove the whole assembly any more, but it works!

So while doing tests what happens, the lights failed! What the heck!!! So now on to troubleshoot the lights... - MT




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