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Mw Members' Valks Count


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Been meaning to do this for a while. I'm curious as to how many Yamato's everybody has. Can you please reply in the format below: -

1/72 = pcs.

1/60 = pcs.

1/48 = pcs.

Please, just post like above. No pics, no irrelevent text. I don't need to see breakdown by type, just by scale and I don't care how many you are going to buy in the future, I just want to know the quantity you have on hand now. Be warned I will delete any irrelevent or off-topic posts.


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hmm. i'm a poor bastard compared to you guys. :)

my current yammie-inventory:

1/60 = 8 (two strikes, two supers, two cf's, and one max-1a & hikaru-1a.

1/48 = 1 (one hikaru-1a)

plans for the next year or two or three:

1/60 = rest of the line

1/48 = rest of the line

1/72 = rest of the line

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Graham, I suppose these figures are to be brought out to Yamato.

Anyway, for me, I got :

1/72 = 2 (YF-21 FP and VF-11B FP)

1/60 = 3 (VF-1J Max and Millia FP and VF-1S Strike)

1/48 = 0 (Awaiting VF-1J Hikaru)

Can anyone tell me if the scales are correct? I got difficulty separating between 1/72 and 1/60.


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Ummm...let's see... :blink:

1/72 - 8

1/60 - 14

1/48 - 7 (heres hoping for a lot more releases)

I would like to thank Valk Exchange and Ebay for the above listed... B)

*edit - okay just read Graham's later post - as to how many I have bought...

1/72 - 10

1/60 - 15

1/48 - 9

edit complete*

Edited by Manji
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