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  1. Anyone happen to have a screen shot of the Chief and the Arbiter standing back to back in the Control room? I think that is one of the coolest images ever. I want it as my Desktop...
  2. The new 'Horus Heresy' novels have been pretty good on the whole. Dan Abnett's Gaunt's Ghosts novels have always been entertaining. BTW, anyone have any cool WH40K wallpapers? I was looking for one that had the Imperial Double Eagle.
  3. Is Peter like Ultra boy from the Legion of Superheroes in that he can only use one ability at a time? If so, he may have been turned away from Sylar because he saw what he was going to do and was trying to sneak away. If not, he could potentially used several abilities to counter Sylar in that fight. Great episode. I love this show!!
  4. I got this yesterday too. I love the Toadies, so it was cool for Possum Kingdom to be on there.
  5. What exactly are red rings that everyone talks about?
  6. Mine actually stopped acting up today. GRAW2 kicks ass. lets see how long that lasts.
  7. Anyone elses 360 overheating after playing Ghost Recon AW 2 for a few minutes? Anyone have a solution to this problem?
  8. It is a fantastic book, and Nathaniel Fick, who wrote "One Bullet Away", an account of his war in afghanistan and Iraq cites it as how to write about warrior cuture. Just keek in mind, its not a history book, but rather a work of historical fiction. I highly recommend it, though.
  9. Not very historically accurate, neither was Gods and Generals. For me, about the best "historical fiction" movie made recently was "Master and Commander". As someone who studies history for a living, it was pretty well done. on the other end, the Patriot was atrocious.
  10. I loved Hawkworld. Those characters, both now dead, were the better of the Hawk people.
  11. Wow. Anyone get the new Captain America today? It made news on CNN. pretty nuts.
  12. Second issue is out today, great read. Almost as entertaining as the comic is the back up story. Very good. Check it out, lest you forget the face of your father, d'ya ken it?
  13. Jaegergewehr 32 BE Hunter Horde Thorium Brotherhood Juvat 35 Tauren Warrior Horde Thorium Brotherhood I have had juvat since last year, just never got around to levelling him more. It was pretty tough with the warrior.
  14. Thats a nice bow, where did it drop? Or was it a quest reward?
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