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  1. Anyone happen to have a screen shot of the Chief and the Arbiter standing back to back in the Control room? I think that is one of the coolest images ever. I want it as my Desktop...
  2. The new 'Horus Heresy' novels have been pretty good on the whole. Dan Abnett's Gaunt's Ghosts novels have always been entertaining. BTW, anyone have any cool WH40K wallpapers? I was looking for one that had the Imperial Double Eagle.
  3. I have the RRA Entry Tactical. Its a great gun. I've put about 1500 rounds down range in the year I've had it, and not one FTE, FTF or otherwise.
  4. Well, I've narrowed down my choices for CC since I am about saved up for one of the three options I had in mind. I want to get either the Sig 229, the HK P2000 in .40SW or a SW Model 360PD. Any opinions on these? Is the 229 too bulky for CC? is +P .38spl any good as a stopper? Has anyone here shot .357 Mag out of a snubby? I know its unpleasant, but I like the easy concealability of the 360PD.
  5. I've seen em at the range I go to, and they seem to be quite nice. I'd like to get one eventually.
  6. Yeah, I've heard the suff about the .45 ACP in a small gun, so I wanted to go with something with a little less kick on it and thats why I was looking at a .40 SW auto. I like that the Kimber comes in .40, so it'll be something to look at. thanks for the help.
  7. I'm actually looking into getting a small 1911 .45ACP. I guess i'll consider that as well. Texas needs to hurry and pass an open carry law.
  8. Need help from the hivemind...I am considering getting a .40 S&W chambered pistol. Any suggestions? The M&P40 looks nice, as do the Sig 226 and 229. Any pros or cons on these or any other .40 pistols will help.
  9. I have Magpul anti-tilt followers on 10 of the 11 mags I have. They are great stuff. You can get em from CProducts already installed.
  10. Is Peter like Ultra boy from the Legion of Superheroes in that he can only use one ability at a time? If so, he may have been turned away from Sylar because he saw what he was going to do and was trying to sneak away. If not, he could potentially used several abilities to counter Sylar in that fight. Great episode. I love this show!!
  11. Anyone have a set of Larue railed handguards? I was thinking of ordering them, and just wanted y'alls opinion of them. I love Larue's stuff, but I just wanted to get some feedback before taking the plunge.
  12. I got this yesterday too. I love the Toadies, so it was cool for Possum Kingdom to be on there.
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