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  1. I used to collect them but there were just too many and they took up too much space.
  2. Werd to that. I was in Portsmouth this time last year. I learned more about Nelson than I ever wanted to. H.M.S. Victory is a truly awesome ship.
  3. I liked the vehicles better but some of them were really crappy, like blocks with wheels.
  4. Opus

    1/48 Gbp

    Can somebody put up a new pic? The old one doesn't work. I wanna see this thing.
  5. I'd really like to see Dougram given the same treatment that Yamato has given Votoms.
  6. Damn, so I guess there's less anime magic than I thought... I'd be pretty pissed off if I was an arm... my bots smaller than yours... How did they choose which one everyone got anyhow? By the color of their clothes? 364579[/snapback] I've always wondered about that. Was Sven originally the Black lion pilot? He wore black, Keith was red which would make him number 2 but if he were promoted to leader he'd take over the number 1 lion, Lance had a blue uniform so he should have been in the blue lion but he appears to have been promoted over Pidge who pilots the green and wears a green uniform.
  7. I really like Global's report. It's action packed.
  8. I think that's what the peacenicks with the nuke are for. To conveniently dispose of Pegasus.
  9. http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?...ndpost&p=361439 362839[/snapback] I see. That was right after I put him on my ignore list.
  10. They've had what...40 years to think about it. Another thing is, they could have left just survey and research crews on the planets with some security detail. Pockets of resistance are probably considered insignificant comapred to Colonial Fleet. 361834[/snapback] It'd be kinda hard to hide that big of an army. The Cylons don't seem to be very tactically sophisticated. Except for the agents in the fleet they seem to practice the Horation Nelson's "damn the manuvers, go straight at them" theory of warfare. I wonder if that's intentional or a shortcoming of the writers.
  11. Insn't the L and R thing due to the Japanese having a sound inbetween the two?
  12. Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story I think its the only movie that both are in. 361819[/snapback] Was Shatner in that? I guess it's the ultimate movie then. Come to think of it with that movie you get Hasslehoff, Shatner and Chuck Norris.
  13. Strong enough. There are probably more resistance groups out there, but the problem is they aren't organized and they are scattered about hiding in remote areas outside of the cities. It was by chance that Helo and Starbuck even found this group of humans. 361707[/snapback] I think it's pretty feasable that the Cylons are streching it kinda thin. They're trying to occupy 12 whole planets at once. That would take massive resources and manufacturing capacity.
  14. I wish Shatner and Hasselhoff would make a movie together. That'd be kickass.
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