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  1. Love the white color. If the final production color is white, I'll definitely get one.
  2. Yes, it can be done. First make sure you have a YF-19 in your hands. Once you have it, the question is irrelevant. But if you have trouble sweeping the wings back, it's because they're too tight. Just loosen the nuts that attach the wings to the hip, then just S-L-I-G-H-T-L-Y shave the wing blades so that they can get clearance to the top of the back legs. After confirming the sweepability through iterations (since you want to shave gradually), you can apply some nail polish to coat the shaved areas so that there is no friction from the wing blades to the back of the legs. Cheer!
  3. Thanks for the review, Graham. The transformation video is especially useful.
  4. Your mechas are skillfully done. Your characters are unique. Don't stop. Do develop more characters.
  5. Yeah, how did he come up with that figure? Selling for $55 and still making outrageous profit sounds more believable to me.
  6. Ah, such long suspense is the YF-19... Looking forward to your delicious review, Graham. Hopefully, mine comes shortly after your review.
  7. Battroid looks mighty good to me. The hunchback makes a good conversation piece.
  8. Thanks for the pics and link, Two Ducks. The rear landing gears look like those of the VF-11B (crude-looking wheel connected to a slap of plastic)! Given the size of the new SS, I don't think it's that hard to give those wheels better rims (like in one of the pics of the actual F-15 that David H. posted). One of the reasons I like the 1:48 VF-1's and 1:60 VF-0's is because their LGs look cool.
  9. No more 1:60 VF-1's for moi no matter how perfect they'll become. Once you have a 1:60 VF-1, why would you want another one? Sounds silly to me. I have a lot of other things I want to buy. Of course, I understand this is a personal thing.
  10. Anyone got pic of SS with the landing gears? How are they compared to the old school ones, where the front LG is just peg?
  11. The upcoming YF-19 looks perfect to me. I still like my original 1:72 version as well. I believe you guys' passion to perfection by voicing it at MW might have contributed to better production. Kudos also to G-Man, our ambassador. (* quietly playing with my VF-0S *)
  12. No doubt when it comes to look, Yamato is the better toy maker. But durability, give me a break, man. This VF-0, just by being stared at, smoke, exhaust, and oil start to come out of it.
  13. Yes, the right intake cover pops out easily. The left one feels like it's glued to the frame. Funny, I tried my nails as well. Didn't work because I always keep them short. I'll try the exacto knife tomorrow. Thanks for suggestion, G.A. If anyone has a different approach, do post it here. Thanks.
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