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  1. And this. Gotta keep my ninja skills sharp for when the next DYRL or SDFM drop
  2. Nah it’s a wash. Got mine from HLJ and bought at second I’m the States with free shipping. HLJ was cheaper but the TCO is about the same when you include shipping
  3. Looking for a new or lightly used set. I'm on the Straight Shooters list and known for giving to the community by landing extra POs and reselling at cost or close to cost here on the board. So, I'm not interested in a gouged price like the ones that match what is currently seen on eBay. Totally get a price that pays a back-tax/late-tax but if I want to pay gouged prices I'll buy one from eBay. Thanks!! Cheers!!
  4. English version: https://www.tamashiinations.com/special/wwmacross2021/ I just shed a tear for not having to translate
  5. https://tamashii.jp/special/macross/vf-25/
  6. I noticed the same things and posted a similar comparison on TFW2005. I have a 110-inch screen with 1080p projector. It's pretty difficult to watch that large with it that grainy. But I do like the 5.1 audio better than the stereo from the SDFM Blue Ray (regardless of sfx etc.)
  7. I completely spaced on the ”all buying options” and got cart jacked by the time I realized to do that. Fortunately, I landed HLJ
  8. Hey party people. I have a 31J w/Sound Boosters for sale. It's currently in my HLJ Warehouse. Last call for anyone interested in purchasing and saving some shipping by having it shipped direct from HLJ. If there are no takers by end of today, I'll have it shipped to me and just put it up on eBay.
  9. SOLD Adding VF-31J with Sound boosters. I can have it shipped from my Private Warehouse at HLJ.
  10. I use this place to constantly justify my connecting to my wife. 🤣
  11. I have an unopened Armor Set available if anyone is interested or in need:
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