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  1. Well that was passive aggressive. Feel free to be more direct. You're obviously allowed to have an opinion just like me. It's simple: You asked a question and I responded. You don't have to like my response, but I'm certainly not the only one who thinks this way. Totally. Astute comment. Nevertheless, one I don't have to like or not comment on, ya know? I choose to give out free loans with no interest at my expense and sell extras at cost but prefer other people's decisions not to inhibit my ability to acquire these POs at my expense because they freely share info to people who do nothing to contribute in return (and that isn't a statement reflective of you or Scyla.... it's not point at anyone specific but the general lurkers and people who only come around for PO night and take). I think much of what you said goes without saying my friend unless it was to clarify your intent as a contributor. The Mods ultimately are charged with maintaining order here - not you and I. But like you said, it's an unwritten rule that I'm speaking about. We're talking about the same thing: People should contribute to community. I'm pointing out that they don't. So while @Scyla may and has contributed for a long time, asking the question on a public forum instead of a private message invites leeches to garner that. We all know that every second counts for these. And while people obviously comment or divulge at their own discretion, I give my blunt opinion at my own discretion to give something to consider before divulging.
  2. On a similar but separate note, why the heck would any of you want to create more competition for yourselves in securing something that is already super difficult to PO?? Use some common sense. Try direct PM'ing someone if you're really curious about a question like where someone got the link somewhere. (And that's not an open invitation to PM me as much as I love ya'll though I'm always happy to resell my extras at cost 90% of the time. That's how I choose to give back.) Unless Shawn or JVMacross (who started this new process) has a different opinion, the rule for PO has been to share a link once PO has been acquired.
  3. Yo. That's the mystery isn't it? Find it like the rest of us. Sorry not sorry. The PO rule here is to share links after you've secured your own and that's what @pafy6285 did like a good steward of the board.
  4. To clarify, it only opened for about a min to domestic orders but never opened for global. And yeah, first time ever that the cart froze on me and got cart jacked. Um shhhhhhh. I know I didn’t post it until I got mines. I got sick of doing the heavy lifting finding listings only to have lurkers pop in and go I got one thanks never to be heard from again. You gotta keep a few tricks your sleeve ya know?
  5. @no3Ljm I’ll happily trade the whole 1D for an extra Kairos. You can have both the fan racer and 1D without an exchange of money at all. 😜
  6. Yes that is correct. I use them for that time to time.
  7. Awesome! Thanks For the update. Nothing on my end but happy to share when I hear back.
  8. Thanks! Yup!! I was mostly just trying them out and giving them a 3-strike rule. At this point, even if they deliver, I won't use them again.
  9. It's tough finding a solid proxy. I'm not having the best luck on proxy side of the house but thankfully received one from a shop and looks great. I've tried Neoyko 3 times now, and the first two have struck out. They held my funds for 6 months on the Super Parts order and canceled on me a month after release. Then canceled on GBP Parts immediately because they were too slow to procure. Now, I'm still waiting for "the item to arrive to the warehouse" for my second 1D. And that's fine. Maybe this week I'll see progress since holiday is over, but I'm not confident.
  10. Surprisingly, OkiniLand shipped mine and honored the original DHL pre-payment of like 4400Y without upcharge. However, they originally sold it for 27,000Y so I paid a little more anyway. I'm tested a proxy for my second one and nothing yet. The same proxy failed on Super Parts. Held my money for 6 mos and then claimed their handler canceled on them. I gave them a second chance as on the 1D as they swore it was secured. We'll see...
  11. They're legit and actually participate on the board from time to time - @Hobby Genki
  12. Ah looks like we just chatted on FB. 🙂
  13. Correct.
  14. Hopefully I can tell you in a few months…
  15. We are? I don’t even know what’s what anymore. Kind of the reason I didn’t participate on the last couple of PO nights here. I still scored 3 of one and two of the other. Was still able to help a member here, but yeah just too busy to keep up with multiple threads on the same topic
  16. Damnit Macross. Just had to go and introduce the 31AX. LOVE the A series. It was worth every Penny to pay the back tax for Kairos a couple of years ago
  17. Nice. That means another month and hopefully BBTS will have it in my POL
  18. Where’s @jvmacross’s “Gotta catch ‘em all” when you need it?
  19. The Kairos I got from you is sitting nice. My fave of Delta
  20. I've enjoyed it a ton and more importantly my 7 year old loves it. He's been a bit too young to enjoy Robotech (or Macross) so the game does a sweet job of introducing it and why I like collecting Valks.
  21. Yes and only got it for $25 though I did spend like $200 to have it repainted. In the end it rocks. Great suggestion
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