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  1. Well...I guess it depends on which fleet! We can have both you and @Seto Kaiba as your both worthy of the titles in your own ways.
  2. MW has its own Zentraedi Chief Archivist - @jvmacross Love it
  3. I couldn't find it either - looks like the Macross YouTube channel took it down, but here's another vid on it. (You might need to VPN in.)
  4. But seriously, can we get into some rock n roll again? I'll even take new wave. Like the reincarnation of the Cure circa Disintegration so that they're so sad that whatever enemy of protoculture has like a depressing reaction and kills themselves off.
  5. No you are not. I even like it better than SDFM. Only DYRL? tops it for me.
  6. Can’t disagree with either of you on that!!!
  7. Eh I love all of Macross but yeah Delta and Macross II are my least fav. Macross II sits at the bottom because it basically is / should’ve been a Robotech installment haha as it basically branches off the rest of the franchise where everything else is at least somewhat connected in the same universe.
  8. Sorry my friend, I posted it shortly after responding here and it sold within a few days.
  9. Quick shout to @rocketblast for a smooth transaction and purchase. Great communication.
  10. Yes please!!!!!!! Totally. I mean, this doesn't solve all of our collector problems by any stretch of the imagination. Just look at the Evangelion Metal Builds, Gundam, etc. Sold on P-Bandai US/Bluefin and still sold out quickly. And really not any cheaper. And still jacked up prices on eBay in the aftermarket.
  11. It in fact does! I can at least confirm that the original armor fits the 2001/2002 reissues. I haven't tried it on my 2008 Origin yet. Here's a shot of it in my collection.
  12. This announcement likely won’t make Valks less expensive (if merch even is included) - just easier to obtain. If anything, it will make them more expensive outside of Japan in theory. Though more access would drop some of the price gouging of the aftermarket.
  13. Pretty much!! I think @ChaoticYeti will need to do a soft re-opening or he'll get blasted with orders all at once!!
  14. Yeah, I know some may cringe but I seriously never need to transform it! LOL I just love it like this.
  15. Perfect. I know it had to be the 17th or 23rd. I didn't see the date on Tamashii.
  16. So, when are we guessing that the 2nd batch of Supers will be shipped in April? 17?
  17. I have an extra VT-1 Chunky Monkey for sale. Awesome condition with a little yellowing only on the chest plate (normal for these). It currently has some repro labels applied using decals that coincide with this set: https://toyhax.com/labels-for-other-bots/2980-labels-for-1983-84-vf-1s-battroid-valkyrie.html The original sticker sheet is still intact and includes original manual etc. All armor is in great condition. Box is in decent condition with some fading, some wear, and the plastic having a crack in the front (see pics). Looking for SOLD to be made whole. Shipping to CONTUS included. Purchase through PayPal. I'm on the Straight Shooters list a bunch. Feel free to send Friends & Family if you're on the Straight Shooters list as well; otherwise, add the 4% to the price for Goods & Services. Maybe this is the grail you've been looking for?
  18. Are you still looking for one of these?
  19. Oh I’ve done it twice to Tenso with Arcadia. Most recent was my PF VF-4. It’ll work just fine. For my shipping notice from the same sale too. Looking forward to it.
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