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  1. Love the input here - and not to be argumentative at all but for the sake of clarity - Mood, tone, and theme are different literary devices. Tone lends to Mood. Tone is expressed through the characters' thoughts, words, actions etc. It reflects the author's attitude toward a situation, event, etc. Anno has also been on record stating that he was depressed during the writing - an existential crisis of sorts - and even used a psychology book to reference as he was writing the later portions of the story. This tone is clear to me in how the characters express themselves; particularly toward the end. And it lends to the overall mysterious, exotic, religious, mythos, philosophical mood. Totally agree that the religious terms have nothing to do with the theme other than the mystery of it. Edit: The theme here IMO is aliens colonizing earth and humans' response to it/trying to understand it. It's all connected and likely why there is a debate on semantics here as we are all circling around the same thoughts but emphasizing different aspects of the story.
  2. I'm not missing it at all. You're missing my point. So, let me clarify yet again. I agree with you. I agree with the above. Every writer and creator chooses to construct a story in a way that helps them tell it how they want. There is a reason that religious terminology was used over scientific or sci-fi terminology. Perhaps what you described above is the explanation for it. But that isn't a "tone" or a "mood" or an "ethos." That is a literal explanation for it. What I'm speaking about (and what I believe @sqidd is speaking about) is a TONE or MOOD. And that mystery or religiosity still exists even in your explanation. If anything, I would take it a step further and say that for many of the characters, the sci-fi aspect with aliens and colonization - Adam and Lilith Evas being paired with a mother-soul and their children - is a religious experience. Where all the worlds' religions got it wrong, this worldview (aliens, etc.) is right. At the end of the day, religion is a backbone in our worldviews and the worldview of the characters in this story are no different. Just replace any religion you can think of with the alien concept and there you go. It just so happens that the writers choose the religious terms they did. There is no argument here because I'm not disagreeing with you. And if you care to argue with me, at least be on the same subject of tone, mood, ethos, etc. as a literary device. In fact, one could argue that the tone and mood are a bit different literary devices. I would probably agree but in this case they are an extension of each other. Here's a good explanation: https://writersedit.com/fiction-writing/literary-devices/literary-devices-mood/
  3. We're still circling semantics. But it's a good discussion. To be clear, I'm not stating that Judeo-Christian terms/symbolism are setting a Judeo-Christian tone/mood. I'm stating that religious tones are setting a religious/mythos mood. It is quite clear to me that the Judeo-Christian terms being used serve no literal purpose and am quite aware of the Japanese / Eastern context of the creators and writers. I also have studied some of the Japanese culture as it relates to cross-cultural communication. That being said, in your exercise, replacing the Judeo-Christian symbolism with Norse mythology symbolism would work absolutely fine in maintaining the mood because Norse mythology is still "religious" in nature or consisting of a mythos. In other words, the religious / mythos symbolism helps establish the series' ethos. It creates a mysterious mood. It's that simple.
  4. Eh I personally think you’re trying to get into semantics. I don’t know that anyone disagrees with you, but one of the meanings of “tone” is “mood.” And that’s how I see its purpose. My real job is to actually dissect words, professionally write, etc. As wild and nonsensical as it is and as much of a distraction as it is, the religious references are there to set a mood and has a literary function. ( Though I don’t find it to be a particularly effective one.) This is an example of how one might interpret its function as setting a tone: To make the story seem bigger/more conspiratorial.
  5. Yup! And done to hype up the final movie. There was an Eva 01 2020 that came out months ago too
  6. Ugh my EVA2020 is still missing on the container that got busted up. P-Bandai just sent another follow up that the container is still waiting to be unloaded to see what’s damaged.
  7. That would be a dream come true lol. Reissues plus like a Max 1S and a DYRL Hikaru 1S.
  8. Thanks for the tip! Curious why you would say there are no true religious undertones? Even if just meant to be used as symbolism or a metaphor, there are clear religious references throughout even though I would agree that they aren't anchored in any literal way. It's been said that Hideaki Anno created this at a time when he was going through an existential crisis of sorts, so even if the story is anchored in aliens and colonizing it has philosophical/existential undertones to be sure.
  9. @sqidd What they all said. Definitely watch Rebuild. I won't attempt to add anything more than what has been said, but agree that it's worth watching. My understanding is that Rebuild has been an attempt at ironing out some of the confusion or where they wanted to improve the story flow? Though others might be more knowledgeable on it.
  10. Ahhhh thanks. See? That's what happens when you're in a video meeting and trying to multi-task because you're too interested in Valks. I didn't read thoroughly before responding. HA
  11. Ditto. One of those keyboard air dusters works great.
  12. Nice! Thanks for sharing
  13. Here's the English version. Thanks!
  14. Here's a pic from another board. Appears that the 1J has a decal for the Macross kite and stripe. Not sure how his valk came to be like this but worth noting.
  15. They showed Nora on display so here's hoping it comes this year!!
  16. I thought of that as well, but technically it left customs before that happened. Anyone have any idea how to check?
  17. I had my last shipment from NY done by ferry on 10/29 as well. Nothing for me yet either so I'm hanging on to hope as well. Because then I'll be done with them. Great feedback.
  18. What are ya waiting for? I've been enjoying the fun between you and @jvmacross
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