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  1. There's precedent there. Hikaru slept with both Minmay & Misa, and Myung slept with both Guld & Isamu. So it could happen.
  2. The actual Bandai blu-rays are pretty amazing looking, dare I say the only way they could look better is if they managed to travel back in time and burn down the "Animefriend" studio before Tatsunoko had a chance to contract them.
  3. I'd actually like to hear Pierre go off on the recent comics.
  4. Should we start taking bet's on whether it'll break as fast as a Yamato Garland, or be as floppy as a Toynami Legioss?
  5. Don't forget about Haman Karn, Char breaking her heart in her formative years helped make her super dangerous. I'd wager that has more to do with why Char gets chided so much.
  6. What we're seeing there is a restoration from what looks to be the same masters HG has always used (the same source Animeigo was given for their remaster). No one is saying it's not a legit remaster, just not of the same quality as the Japanese release from almost 10 years ago. My interest there being that so far, HG isn't getting new materials to work with.
  7. Gonna have to agree to disagree there. Or more to to the point, the original Speed Racer was far from Shakespere, the live action movie did no worse than the original material,but maintained being "fun."
  8. It's the first post announcement media release, and confirms that Funi still has the Robotech license which could also lead to them releasing Macross, Mospeada & Southern Cross as well. It's definitely news.
  9. I agree, Speed Racer was amazing. Any hate is just the result of the usual senseless Wachowski hate.
  10. We've had everyone & thing tied to the Protoculture pop back up, so naturally at some point I think the PC themselves will show. Sara & Shin disappearing with the AFOS (even if it is now nearly 60 years in the past) could be a gateway to that.
  11. Danbooru is still pretty active.
  12. Yup, found the full box set link, and the one screenshot they show (an odds choice of Minmay's room, and definitely sub par to the Japanese blu-rays. https://www.funimation.com/blog/2021/06/18/robotech-suits-up-on-funimation-streaming-blu-ray-and-more-this-fall/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=org-social&utm_campaign=announcement&utm_content=robotech-june-18&sf146016312=1
  13. Mystery solved. https://www.rightstufanime.com/Robotech-Part-1-The-Macross-Saga-Blu-ray New mystery, did they get access to Big West's Blu-Ray masters?
  14. If only they held on to the "Dark Crystal" crew, and produced another season...
  15. I could see Tomino doing that on purpose.
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