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  1. I kinda don't even want to know how they'd trimmed it down.
  2. I'm hoping all tracks hit digital.
  3. I like Dobber's idea of something big enough to dock with. With Hera likely popping up in the Ahsoka series (maybe who they cast Elizabeth Winstead as?), maybe she can help Mando find something.
  4. The positive is that Stracynski is still in charge. The bad news is that it's being developed for The CW.
  5. Looks like there is a new 40th anniversary album coming. Think I'll hang out to see if it is released on itunes. https://macross.jp/news-detail/21252/
  6. Considering everything he'd done led him straight into a Sarlacc pit, I don't see the problem with Boba trying to be better. It's called "learning."
  7. I've been fine with the newer shows too. I think the fan-rage faction just likes to fanrage.
  8. Makes perfect sense. Boba is obviously allergic to the acidic Sarlacc saliva, which caused him to bloat while being digested, and also damaged his endocrine system.
  9. It was better than "The Inhumans," but They clearly didn't learn their lesson about tossing in a "we were here the whole time" group without giving proper weight to them. A D+ show with a different era per episode would have worked better. Plus, how did Ego completely miss the presence or another Celestial when he was on Earth?
  10. Exactly. The fact that Boba keeps trying to do good here & keeps creating bigger messes despite constant warnings is completely intentional from what I can tell. I fully expect Boba to wind up alone (maybe with Fennec) and ousted from Tatooine by the end.
  11. Let's be real here, Boba Fett like his father before him has always had a penchant for making dumbass decisions. The Geonocians truly improved on the tactical thinking when making the rest of the clones. Jango & Boba alike have a nasty habbit of thinking "this is gonna be cool" that's not tempered with a "but maybe it's not the smartest idea." Sometimes it works out (dropping Solo in a hold & freezing him in carbonite), but more often it gets them decapitated or dropped in a pit.
  12. You'll see, Basara will have the most epic cameo, literally eclypsing Isamu & Max's recent appearance!
  13. Makes you wonder if Ai kun wasn't an isolated incident, with the Protoculture looking for ways to engineer their own empathic pets so they wouldm't havevto risk of summoning Vajra murder swarms wanting their larva back. Then just finally deciding "screw it, we're making runes."
  14. Probably closer to Keith Richards or Jeff Beck. Or Mayhaps he's gone more Bowie, experimenting in other genres. Correct, I get the impression that The Protoculture just bluntly hammered the Protodevelin into submission with song. Basara on the other hand taught them to sing "with", and generate their own Spiritia. Which now begs the question, was the Song Energy system fold quartz based, and were Fire Bomber just strong in fold receptors? Since Delta pointed out humanity is increasing in the number of those who have receptors, it's not unlikely. I'm also starting to wonder if Gubaba's species with their seemingly empathic abilities are related to or an early experiment for what would become runes. Possibly an attempt to replicate the abilities if larval Vajra. And yes, I know I'm digging hard into retconing Delta into earlier series. But, it's strangely consistent. Kawamori may just be very adept at midiclorianing the franchise.
  15. Nope, Basara is going to be rocking longer and harder than The Rolling Stones.
  16. As long as we get old man Basara at some point, I'm cool.
  17. I've actually warmed up to Delta on my recent second watch. While there definitely are far too many shortcuts taken with moving the story along vs character depth, the overall setting & Windemere thing got me thinking. - Roid being able to use the Protoculture ruins + Star Singer + Fold Receptors + Fold Bacteria to hack all PC species into a Vajra styled network seems to be the intended function of those ruins & Star Singer. Hell, the rune's & short life spans of the Wibdemere(ians?) may truly have been an intention to use them as a control mechanism of said system. Which brings me to... - Do we know if the Protoculture faction that setup & ran in the Globular Cluster was separate from the faction that created the Evil series in the Varuta system? And, is there a time frame on either project in relation to the other? I ask because creating the Evil Series always seemed like a heavy handed answer taking our their oppositions Zentradi (even before they were powered up by the Protodevelin). However, if creating the Evil was in direct response to fighting against being hive-minded, the OP nature of what they made makes a lot more sense. - Is it more than (Proto) culturally that the Mayan origin story shares the same relationship that Windemere & Ragna does? Arkan/Song of the Wind, Sara/Heinz, both having an incredibly similar concept of "Kadun" (is that confirmed to be a Protoculture word?), more than re-using concepts between shows, I'm starting to think there is a big picture story buildup involved. Do we know if the AFOS & creation of the Mayan island people happened in relation to the Protoculture City being left on Earth (as the DYRl plates seem to be suedo canon) Introduced at the end of Absolute Live may have bigger ramifications than that could play out with PC lore in future stories.
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