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  1. Real world in that Kawamori was a huge Gundam fan.
  2. Pretty sure it's Char Aznable's Zaku IIS (3 times faster) mixed with real world "Ace" color schemes.
  3. @saotomenanda http://www.twitter.com/saotomenanda
  4. Trinity is the big mystery, but I'll assume while connected everyone is technically loaded inti Matrix RAM, so pulling a copy of her shouldn't be too hard for the machines.As for Neo, he very likely was still alive, and I always assumed the machines were carrying him off to plug him in as a peace offering (since his body was trashed). RAM ghosts may be why "The One" keeps recurring in general.
  5. Revolutions also established that memories can be copied/transplanted (Smith), so Trinity could be a dub+clone. I'm kinda leaning towards earlier version of "The One" & prequel though, while it's possible Morpheus just has a younger Matrix avatar, I'm thinking this is truly a younger version of him.
  6. Screw you guys, I'm excited! Enjoyed the first 3, and am totally ready to find out it was Neo that had himself placed back in The Matrix to heal. Or that this is the story of an earlier incarnation.
  7. Still sad they haven't made more Watamote.
  8. Because his mother is the genius that solved the mysteries of life, and positioned herself to become the savior of life in the universe, making Shinji the proxy savior/destroyer of life on Earth (depending on his choice).
  9. If we get that master here, I'd easily buy the show again.
  10. Exactly, the implication of Rebuild is that it's already a looped event, so everything that stood true in the first series stands true in Rebuild. The only real open ended question is whether Shinji's influence of reset was limited to Earth, or if he reset time in general.
  11. No, they fixed the compression problems/ghosting on the first release. This alone is worth the upgrade. Unfortunately they introduced the problem of using the wrong video tag on one of the OVA's resulting in the 16:9 video being scrunched to 4:3. If your blu-ray player has variable ratio settings, this is easily fixed. Also of note, this still predates the Japanese remastered discs that came out, so we "may" yet still get an improved release.
  12. Her name is Eva Imaginary, Gendo already trashed Lilith in Terminal Dogma. And yeah, I'm pretty sure her disturbing CG appearance was intentional. We'll find out for sure if she's tweaked for the home release.
  13. Regular sized (& priced) Collectors Edition & standard edition are now up for pre-order. https://www.rightstufanime.com/Neon-Genesis-Evangelion-Complete-Series-Limited-Collectors-Edition-Blu-ray https://www.rightstufanime.com/Neon-Genesis-Evangelion-Complete-Series-Blu-ray
  14. I decided Macross myself, but you know! What honestly doesn't make sense is that with the new playing nice going on, HG & or Funi should be able to request a new copy of the SFX track from Big West for a reasonable fee.
  15. I'm rationalizing the D+ fee foe what I'd spend at a theater anyway, even if it won't be up until October
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