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  1. Just finally watched Absolute Live (after fighting to get a copy in the first place, yeesh!) And! Quite expectedly I cried constantly, such is my current modus operandi, right from The Labyrinth Of Time straight through the end of Absolute Live!, many tears were shed. Are we still spoilerting? If so... Max The Siren Systsm & whatshisname behind them: Do we know if the organization behind glasses guy (whom we now know funded Roid & Heimdel) is also behind Grace & perhaps the intial creation of Sharon Apple to start with? Lady M. That baby.. What I didn't like: And finally, the real winner in the story: Epilogue:
  2. SF lost my order apparently, now it's backordered everywhere...
  3. I haven't bothered to dig any of that up, BUT I do reccomend doing an itunes search for "8-Bit Japanese Robot Anime" by megane, there are plenty of good chiptune renditions of super robot and mecha anime themes, including some Macross.
  4. At this point I'm starting to think someone high up at Sony is a Macross fan.
  5. So hete's an interesting developement, Sony/Crunchyroll just bought Rightstuf/Nozomi (the online shop & anime licensor). Why is this interesting & why is it Macross news? Nozomi is the group that licensed 7, Ftontier & Delta for blu-ray. So now we've got some crazy situation where Sony is releasing both Macross & Robotech in the U.S., on top of live action the movie.
  6. Here's a fun one. We all know Yoko takes "inspiration" from time to time...
  7. Retitling in case anyone else needs help remwmbering stuff, which it looks like may occur.
  8. Epilogue, watching it on youtube currently, the Wolfman Jack bits I forgot about sidified it, this is totally thr movie.
  9. It didn't "sound" like Nozomi had dub plans, but we'll see. As for Price, the Gundam sets shojld be a decent baseline. $100 for 25 premium (or more directlly, $200 for 50 ep premium sets), $50 for regular edition 25 ep sets. The real question is whether the premium sets will havr exclusive on disc extra's, or exclusive physical extra's.
  10. EOE was love not contempt. But remember, love is destructive.
  11. The real question, where the hell was Keith, and why wasn't he working at the videostore. Clearly the Duffers never visited my Blockbuster bavk in the day.
  12. I'm going to wait until Invincible starts covering more content to pass judgement there Definitely great so far, but it's barely into the story. Maybe it's timw for me to rewat h that first season... The Boys is great for everything it's changed from the comic original. Just started reading it, but it hits me as more "Boys Club" shock than the wittier social commentary of the show. Kinda like how The Unbrella Academy comic version is more sparse outline compared with it's Netflix cpunterpart. Kirkman with both The Walking Dead & Invincible has maintained a meatier more nuanced comic story (so far) than both TV counterparts. Though I to be honest, how well Invincible handlea Will determine how much I like the Amazon version of Invincible. Back to "The Boys", I've truly enjoyed every change done for the live action series, except how Stormfront was shoed off, off-screen. Primarily because I think the actress deserved better, but that was a weak way to phase her out. Also, I expected But, maybe that'll be a next season plot. Unless they revert back to the comic there
  13. Regardless, you're clearly the baddest mofo lowdown 'round this town.
  14. Sorry, internet suckd at work, but 99% sure it's Midnight Hour, and that cast is epic. Dude, how you maintain all that knowledfe is insane, have you seriouslu tried out for Jeopardy?
  15. I'd like to think of that as the ultimate Orguss reference, like Kei & Olsen traveling back to kill Kei & Olsen who in turn kill Kei & Olsen for traveling back ti kill themselves.
  16. So I'll make this as short and sweet as I can. Being as we have old fűcks like me here, do any of you remember seeing an 80's horror movie (either zombie or ghost) where the girlfriend that the geeky protaginist meets along the way turns out to be a girl who died in the 50's and dissappears at the end? This movie is from '87 or earlier, and woyld have aired on TV around '85-'87 Halloween. Also, it is 100% none of the "Return Of The Living Dead moviea. I can rember balling my eyes out at the end, and my mom having to lie to me & telling me things worked out for the couple, but I'll be damned if my Google-Fu can track down this picture.
  17. I read the descriptions of that when it happened. It was not. Essentially, someone took the Jack McKinney sh!t, and mixed it with modern multiverse & snagged a bit of 7, and just....no.
  18. At this point sony has HG by the balls regardless. I wonder if there was some kind of breach of contract when HG sold Sony the rights to designs they couldn't actually use outside of re-releasing pre-existing content and merchandising from that content. Forcing the current resolution was likely the most beneficial middleground, rather than waiting for the rights to revert from a dead company. We'll know for absolute sure when BW, Kawamori & Satellite decide to make a post-Delta series/movie. If it's got the U.N. Spacy kite represented in any way (such as a pre-NUNS colony), or my personal hope, "Macross The First" styled TV srries or OVA, then we'll know all is right with the franchise. Also acceptable, a freakin' VFX 2 OVA that covers the transition from Spacy to NUNS in something more substancial than a long out of print videogame.
  19. That's not fair, they did manage to churn out "Robotech: Love, Live, Lifesupport" too.
  20. Hang out 'til August, I still see that changing. I'm starting to get a strong impressiom that HG had to give up a lot more than they're letting on in the Sony deal. Something is very odd about their overall phrasing of partnerships and mergers, along with Crunchyroll being involved with the creation and licensing of content.
  21. Precicely. They literally wasted the opportunity to cap off a weekend of epic announcements with the penultimate announcement. In all probability yes, "but" there is still a decent chance that Crunchyroll is in a position to negotiate for proper HD masters to release Macross as well. They're not a foolish company, unlike some other foolish companies... The breakdown is essentially this: - Sony owns Funimation. - Sony owns Crunchyroll. - Sony owns the Live Action rt movie rights. -Crunchyroll has been handling streaming for Nozomi/Rightstuf properties. - Crunchyroll will in all likelyhood be streaming Frontier, Delta & 7. All that math to me adds up to Crunchyroll wanting a decent version of Macross to go along with everything else, and they're in a prime position to make it happem. But we'll see.
  22. No livestream of the robotech panel, just twitter posts it seems. Starting-ish now. - First announcement: Stranglehold is in full effect for some time into the future. (This is not news). - Apparently for some reason they showed a trailer for "Hawkeye" .... -Grandstanding again on their hold over the original series... - Oh wait, Crunchyroll will be handling distro of the original series it seems, this is good. - Another live action script is supposedly done. Way to bury the lead that in all likelyhood, Crunchuroll/Funimation will release Macross. Classic HG. - By the writers of "Uncharted." Should we start taking bets on Mark Wahlberg as Roy now? - T-shirts comprised of Yune "art" and line art that looks straight off of MAHQ. Well, theoretically hang on to those theoretical bootlegs a bit longer, but there's a bit more hope of the original series now, kinda. Crunchyroll is hosting their own event in August, so looks like that"s the earliest we'd hear something.
  23. I don't think anyone has put our 4k of any Macross. The obvious prime candidate would be DYRL, but that heavily depends on who gets the license. There's a literal handful of anime that's come out in 4k here, and haven't noticed much come out in Japan either.
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