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  1. In a franchise centered on music, it's "kinda" important!
  2. Has the official Macross twitter account address the audio at all?
  3. Interesting, so if the PPB is a mini fold fault (which now makes total sense visually & with the massive destruction of a barrier explosion), then is a "Dimension Eater" also essentially a localized fold fault? And on that note, is fold quartz some type of anti-fault, or simply a condensed power source strong enough to allow for a field to be generated to belay the effects of a fault.
  4. On the flipside, trying to ease his friends despite knowing he's going to die always made more sense to me. Think of it as an "inverted pineapple salad."
  5. Why is no one asking the most important question? Has there been any more story on Galaxy Whales, and are they essentially a species created by the Protoculture in an attempt to make a biologically based fold booster?
  6. Nah, we just don't know the juicy story details. Something like Misa saying "If I catch you with Minmay again I'm burying this fleet in the deepest darkest fold fault I can find." Or "Kaifun is trying to catch up with the fleet, quick, hide in that fold fault."
  7. Weird considering all of the OST's hit the U.S. digital stores without edits. I wonder if they tried to do a fancy theater mix & ran out of time/skilled sound engineers...
  8. Well, not everyone is ready to start hitting theaters again, myself include. So I don't think it's a fair guage of turnout.
  9. Yup, hell the only truly inaccurate far fetched part was the NES based 16 bit 2D fighter.
  10. Saying "look at the data" from a system designed to skew data based on clicks from a crowd known to spam negative clicks 'cus they heard something was bad is kinda the point.
  11. It reminded me a lot more of "Earth 2" than "Lost In Space", but that's not a bad thing.
  12. Hmm, humanity would likely have had more time to prepare had a Zentradi patrol ship crashed. It's highly doubtful the Zentradi would have wasted time tracking down one of their own downed ships. Earth might have even have had time to build up a small fleet before broadcasting fold comms and finally catching the Zentradi's eye. That is of course assuming they didn't completely screw up contact with the AFOS and decimate the planet. Small differences can have big ripples.
  13. Yup, totally gonna click on that link. It looks max legit.
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