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  1. And yes, I am asserting that "Thrice Upon A Time" is an overt reference to Nadia being his first attempt that he ran away from, Eva TV/Movi3 being his second attempt that ran away from him, and Rebuild being his fully controlled version. While Gunbuster is unmistakably Anno, and the origin of practice of many of his archetypes & style, it ultimately was not "his" story, though he did make it absolutely beautiful. I think after seeing 3.0 + 1.0, if somehow I ever were to meet Anno I wouldn't want to waste his time asking him about any of this (as he has shared it in the raw-est way I believe possible), and that's besides the obvious language barrier. I would however want to buy him a drink or two (or more), and quietly bond with him on that level. After seeing the accompanying doc, I think he'd appreciate that.
  2. I absolutely loved it as the love letter to everything Anno has done that it is. And yes, 3.33 is raised higher with the context of this finale. I'll save most of my comments for the main Eva thread save to say..
  3. I actually thought they were going to have the later cuts of the first 3 up too, I waited to rewatch!
  4. I got the impression Earth wasn't sharing time vault usage, so Gamilus would alwo have been relying on the Andromeda fleet for defense.with ship production back down to normal, it's not a huge surprise to see fewer ships all around.
  5. I'd watch a Max & Kakizaki buddy/comedy/action side story if he did that.
  6. How does it compare with "Jabberwocky" or "The Man Who Killed Don Quixote" (yes, I know this one isn't a Terry Gilliam film).
  7. Pretty solid proof that the Dark Nebula empire is in town.
  8. Palpatine killed Plagueis after learning the skill from him and used it to create Anakin. He literally "force-inseminated" Smee with his midiclorian infused sperm, then bode his time on Naboo. Anakin being born out in the middle of nowhere as a seemingly immaculate birth fit the Jedi "chosen one" prophecy, as well as ensured he wouldn't be found before forming strong attachments to his mother. Is any of that so different or outlandish than paying for a ready to go clone army with order 66 pre-programmed bio-chips?
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