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  1. Anyone still watching? I've got a theory that Elle is actually (or becomes) Luv from 2049, but things are definitely slow going.
  2. I'I somehow missed Ernest Johnson & Guld being played by the same person, but in hindsight knew his voice sounded comfortably familiar. I'm actually hoping that the whole international licensing resolution was to make way for an anime adaptation of "The First. It's 2022, so everyone cross their fingers! Back on topic, I was listening to the Absolute Live soundtrack today, and still can't wait to see it's placement in the movie.
  3. Wow, Kancolle is back? Maybe there is still hope for "Haruhi" & "Spice and Wolf".
  4. No one was prepared to see bright eyed naive preteen Darth Vader caught up in an illegal trade federation embargo, and the fan outrage was palpable (pun intended). For my part, it honestly took me until Tartikovsky's Clone Wars along with Ep III to be won over by the prequels, which I now love along with the rest of the franchise. But yeah, anyone who thinks this Ressurections fan hate is anything close to the Phantom Menace hate parade either wasn't there, or wasn't paying attention.
  5. I just wish it wasn't a full year between seasons. Maybe season 5 will reveal Hillary Swank with another rival Dojo. 😘
  6. It's an epilogue movie that essentially covers all the MZ23 Part III stuff that the first III movies didn't. The plot is essentially: - The hero didn't win, he just stopped everyone from being killed. - The hero has now become part of the system as the price for his previous actions - The system still doesn't trust humanity, but there's a bit of progress. - The heroine is still trapped in the system, let's get her out. - Big cyber heist. This is literally the plot of MZ23 PIII. In fact we can now clearly break it down to: The Matrix = Megazone 23 Part I The Matrix Reloaded & Revolutions = Megazone 23 Part II The Matrix Resurrections = Megazone 23 Part III (seriously, even the videogame thing). Notable differences of course being that Neo is rescued while Shogo died as Wong Dai & was replaced as "Sector 7G Operator" by Eji (as Bugs really should have replaced Neo).Trinity has become a hybrid of Eve & Yui. All in all, I'm fine with Ressurections, as I was expecting it to be closure to the story of "The One" and "Trinity." I'm not mad at Waxhowski going back & giving them a "good end", and really, 60 years is too short a span of time for things to have gotten significantly better. The only thing I myself would really change is the unceremonious off-screen death of "The Oracle." Since we had 2 Smith's (Smith Smith & Morpheus Smith), I would have preferred Morpheus Smith to be the Oracle in disguise.
  7. Watched the first 2.5 eps, not as good as "The Witcher", "LOTR", "Netflix Castlevania", or even "Hercules" & "Xena." It has nothing to do with the presence/lack of whatever the male/female magic dynamic is supposed to be, I just didn't find it particularly fun, dramatic or exciting. I at least expect a fantasy show to be as exciting as the old D&D cartoon.
  8. "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" is many times more epic than AoT m, and don't get me wrong I do enjoy AoT. I'd also place "Golden Kamuy" higher.
  9. Yeah, Bandai tried back then, but between tneir prices & QC issues (more Bandai Ent on the QC fails & Bandai/Honeamise that put out GGG at the price fails) they were doomed.
  10. I'm hoping Discotek pick's up the series & the Final OVA someday.
  11. I think the real question is did the first two seasons sell well enough for funimation to continue the license. I want to hope it's yes, but they never released the movie inbetween 2199 & 2202.
  12. Until you realize this wasn't just fashion, it's an Invid pot.
  13. Now see me, I would have gone more "The Thing" route, and had Invid infecting Zentradi turning them into crazy giant big monsters that'd go after other Zentradi, etc.
  14. I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially when it got to explaining how the resurrection itself was done. The machines themselves were also very much in line with how they were shown through out the Animatrix.As fpr Neo's role,
  15. Yeah, Exosquad was a good show, I wish someone would pick up both seasons on blu-ray...
  16. I'm just kind of amazed that humans both descended & or cloned from SW I survivors are perpetuating the same old B.S. that got the Macross banished from Earth as a sacrificial lamb. I'm not saying it's unbelievable, just that humanity is damn lucky the AFOS didn't stomp it out.
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