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  1. Nice, though I still say May'n/Sheryl can shut down any Macross singer past & present. But I'm glad they had Yami-Q-Ray "bring it." I just wonder if Kawamori will get to an eventual showdown with Protoculture & their perfected "Star Singer" vs Earth culture.
  2. Yeah, they went more "Tarentino" than "Monkey Punch" with the style, but I'm not worried.
  3. I don't know, I just want to see that sexy version of Hikaru's VF-1J animated.
  4. The simple solution would be a colony fleet that's gotten cut-off from the Galaxy Network & hypnotized by an A.I. to believe they're on Earth. At this point coming across another PC influenced species that could become the Marduk is super probable. Hell, Windermere was pretty damn close.
  5. Since the inception of TV there has never been a shortage of "Good Times" for white people.
  6. I can't imagine the company that snagged DYRL Internationally (Kiseki/Best films as near as I could tell from the old VHS release) still exits to contend, but rights getting swallowed when companies get swallowed get weird. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kiseki_Films
  7. Dubception. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2021-10-12/original-cowboy-bebop-cast-reprise-roles-for-japanese-dub-of-live-action-series/.178383
  8. We'll probably hear about a Japanese blu-ray release before we hear about a domestic streaming release, but it's really in Bandai's hands in how they want to handle dippinginto the U.S. market. I'm not super optimistic yet considering they haven't tried a U.S. streaming release of the first Delta movie or even the Frontier movies yet.
  9. They couldn't possibly have licensed those.
  10. Excellent, ths raises my excitement to see it, hopefully we'll get another subtitled blu-ray release.
  11. Ok, well I'm in this deep so! As I see it, regardless of how one sees the Lady M faction (I really need to re-watch Delta), the biggest question introduced is: No my friends, I do not buy this, clearly:
  12. So you're saying I'm fine with this theory.
  13. What is this, a Zentradi for ants?
  14. Even knowing that they shopped out some of the site gag's on the Japanese release I went for it, 'cus Dirty Pair.
  15. Rightstuf/Nozomi has a kickstarter up for all of "Dirty Pair" on blu-ray.
  16. That's in line with Romulan design though, loom how long they sponged off of Klingon ships.
  17. Here'a what I'd really like to see though. Literally Daoko as a Basara/Hayato hybrid character that dances & raps in a valkyrie on the battlefield, hypnotizing enemies & allies alike into joining her as backup dancers ala "Space Channel 5." Come on Kawamori, accept this challenge!
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