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  1. Still surprised every time I see complaints about "woke" anything on MW, a forum dedicated to the most "proto-woke" franchise ever. Guess that just goes to show how many are just plain asleep.
  2. And all the flashbacks capture that perfectly. He-Man is still as 1-dimensional as everyone wants him to be.
  3. This show has like 80% less of the homoeroticisn of the original, does that even qualify it to be "woke." As for Kevin Smith in general, just because it's not "Vulger" or "Tusk" doesn't mean he "sold out." You guys & your catch phrases!
  4. Not having seen the original is doing you the disservice of not understanding why switching the focus turned out to be more interesting than another reboot (of which there have been 2).
  5. Whichever version has the better chubby Eve will win.
  6. Pretty sure Janeway made a transporter clone of herself that she sent back to the Alpha Quadrant so that she could stay and rule the Delta Quadrant with an iron fist.
  7. - Unit-00's soul is/was Rei. The specifics of how Lilith's soul is split/fractured/dubbed isn't specifically gone into, but the overall precedent for it is the existence of the dummy plug system. The rage during 00's first psync test lean's toward the soul being Rei-I. The vision Rei has of herself during the later sync test proves overall that it's a "Rei," and the discussion with herself she has during 00's corruption as well as the personality shift in Rei-III points to a rejoining of I & II into III. - Naoko was never in an Eva, she was split into all 3 MAGI, this is pretty plainly stated. Ritsuko has no connection to 00, but has various confrontations with her mother in MAGI form. - Eva series 5 - 13 are all Kowaru/dummy plug based, so it's likely the souls are also Adam based. - Which takes us back to Unit-04. It was originally being prepped for the U.S., and at that point didn't have a core. It was infected/corrupted mid flight, but there's no indication that the Angel actually took control/possession until after sync activation. Recall again that Ritsuko explicitly states that Toji's selection was directly tied to a core being readily available to prep for him. This isn't a difficult mystery to solve. The "only" instance of an Eva functioning without a soul was conditional When Kowaru took control of 02 he was able to do so because like Asuka, her mother"s soul retreated inward. For that time Kowaru himself served as the Eva's soul, and you'll note he wasn't actually in the plug. Eva's and Angels alike "do not" function without souls. The proof there is both the Adam embryo (in Gendo's hand) and the Lilith giant in Terminal Dogma. Gendo, Yui, Fuyutsuki,Naoko, Ritsuko, Keel, Mari & Kowaru are all overtly shown to be aware that souls are a requirement for Eva's to function & be synced with. It's only Misato & below that are oblivious to it. - No one said 1.0 & 2.0 Asuka & Mari weren't the same, the question lies with Mari's existence in general, as well as Asuka's state in 3.0. I personally find Mari's mystery to be fun, especially since she's one of the rare series characters that doesn't have a "Nadia" or "Gunbuster" parallel. That just leaves her manga epilogue appearance as a clue, which is completely out of place unless viewed as a prologue to her Rebuild presence. I'm hoping 3.0+1.0 sheds any kind of light on her origin. I honestly don't see what your aversion is to the Toji's sister thing. It's perfectly in-line with the events of the series, and the general atrocities Ritsuko & Gendo commit. It's a good thing I didn't get into the whole "Kowaru's body is probably cloned from Gendo" thing.
  8. 1: Alien colonization project, bio-superscience. 2: Aliens in that they're from space, not aliens in that they're part of the same species humans are derived from. Angel (Adam) + human (Lilim - children of Lilith) = God (Being capable of traveling through space and splitting up into angels/humans once finding a suitable planet). 3: Seele is a human clandestine agency that believes final evolution for the species is combining everyone into godform and chilling on the planet forever. 4: Gendo is a man who wants to fullfill his wife's wishes by making a new god to go out into space and colonize a new planet and ensure the survival of the species. They achieve this by using Seele's resources but using them for their own agenda. 4B: Once Gendo realizes Yui's plan involves abandoning him, he alters the plan a bit to tag along with her by replacing Adam with hinself. Spoilers, this does not work out. 4C: Yui leaves it up to Shinji whether life on Earth turns into the single existence Seele desires or remains individual. 5: Asuka was a normal human pilot that is changed after her death in the movie version (2.0)
  9. It's a pretty clear series of events. -Toji & his sister live with their father - Toji's sister is badly injured - Ritsuko tags Toji as the next Marfuk candidate. - The offer to Toji includes care for his sister internally at Nerv. - Eva cores have been exclusively female. - The core being a close female relative increases sync ratio significantly (unless the pilot is an Angel or equal, such as Rei, Kowaru & whatever Mari counts as). - No other female relatives of Toji are mentioned. While it's possible they had his mom's soul on ice the whole time the lack of his sister being injured & Asuka piloting Unit 4 in 2.22 point to otherwise. When I say Mari & Asuka are clones I mean of themselves "The curse of Eva" is vague at best, with nothing pointing to simply piloting being a cause of impacting biology. Far more likely Ritsuko "put" Asuka back together with an enhanced body and her original soul. Mari is the bigger mystery, but her familiarity with the Ikari's implies her manga back story. Her acuity with Eva's implies angel like enhancement.
  10. 2.22 is the condensing of most of the big arcs after 1.11 concluding with a combo of 18/19/23. That combo finale had the revelation of Asuka replacing Touji as the test pilot of Unit-03 (since Touji's sister isn't injured/made the core, bigger yet still is that Shinji is fully combat active when Rei II is being absorbed by the Angel, resulting in an early 3rd impact trigger (Unit-01 + S2 Engine + Rei/Lilith + Shinji = a full god being), luckily Kowaru noped the process leaving Shinji formless in Unit-01 for years (much like he was in ep 09) 3.33 is a mix of episodes 9, 16 & 24, picking up with retrieving Shinji & reforming him, only to discover how much time has passed. The Asuka we meet is one remade with the same tech Rei & Mari are cloned from (inference being that Mari may have been the proof of concept that got Yui hired by Seele, mind you that's inferred by the manga epilogue), Gendo's gone full tilt on his mission (to the extent of killing all of Seele & pulling every resource to push his version of Yui's agenda), and everyone else just pretty much hates Shinji since he broke the world in his attempt to save Rei. The finale here is obviously the combination of the dance off with meeting Kowaru.
  11. Or Leopard, Dynames, Virtue, any of the walking beanspray dispensers in SEED, The Rx-79's with custom loadouts, Rx-78 MkII which was practically built to be hi-end infantry, etc, etc. Their mobile suit choices are just bad. This actually would have been the perfect time to implement a gunpla mechanic where you start out with a base frame & customize it with parts & whatnot as you level up. Kinda like the loadouts in COD.
  12. Yup, Victory has zero Newtype elements whatsoever. No talkin' Newtype babies in utero, no giant mind control Newtype powered spaceship, no hero pilot powered by the souls of every female pilot horribly slaughtered around him. "Turn A" had an equal lack of Newtype content. It had not a single psychotic bad guy using an OP mobile suit that broke apart into psychoframe controlled pieces, and also didn't have the Turn-A equivalent of a cyber-newtype in Marybell.
  13. I still haven't given up on that version of Thundercats, and see no reason why a new Silverhawks couldn't resurrect it.
  14. Not sure if I'd prefer "The Day After Tomorrow War" or "Next Tomorrow War."
  15. I'm hoping it's more like the Thundercats reboot than Thundercats Roar...
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