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  1. Thanks for your comments guys, your help is greatly appreciated
  2. Hi there everyone. Sorry for reviving this old thread but I'm about to travel to HK next week, I was hoping to get something while i'm there, thinking it might be similar to tokyo in terms of availability and diversity toys-wise, but after doing some research around the webs for some of the shops mentioned here and the ¨when in Asia¨ thread there seems to be a shortage of Macross toys all around. I was hoping to finally get a macross toy since the last one I've bought was the old 1st gen yamato 1/60 VF-1J. I've been searching on youtube too, looking for other people's experience but the videos are either too old or do not feature macross at all (barely any gundam, and the rest were lego stuff or marvel/dc toys) The only stuff i've been able to find online around HK were these http://www.locushk.com/?p=1&s=a4e43ddd2397bf42dc9034d5e251ac98&act=search&lang=en&favorite=macross&submit.x=0&submit.y=0 https://hk.shop.yahoo.com/shop/12098?pageIndex=1&customCategory=22198140 I was hoping to save me the shipping cost since, as many around here, I live extremely far away from japan, I thought I would AT LEAST find some recent Delta stuff but not even HLJ sells much of that anymore. This thread is REALLY old but I was wondering if anyone had any more recent experience around these shops or HK area in general. I'll be staying for only a couple of days so shipping from japan (NY or HLJ) won't be much of an option either. If you have any tips I would appreciate it, thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks guys, you're the best, bless you all. That was very helpful in clarifying the current state of affairs, It seems my first impressions were mostly right in that: 1.- Yamato variants are almost non-existent nowadays 2.- Current valk stocks are VERY low (artificially or not) from either bandai or arcadia 3.- Demand seems unexpectedly high (?) 4.- Arcadia supposedly still has SDF, Plus, Zero and 7 rights but has taken very little advantage from Yamato's inheritance, only a few variants and in a very slow and limited run. Feels like we've gone from an industrial mass production schedule to a more artisan/indie production run, is this right ? 5.- Bandai has Frontier locked 6.- Prices are mostly high, everywhere After catching up, my expectations are to prioritize the following valks (in order of probability): A) VF-0D (DREAM VALK, along with the VF-5000 ) B) At least one proper VF-1 variant (probably the upcoming 1J or a 1S if available) C) Isamu's durandal (would like a YF-19 but with no YF-21 in sight this is as good is it gets it seems) D) Some of the many SD toys popping up E) (~2) Yamato's non-painted VF-1 for customization (difficult) F) VF-11 (harder) The following toys seem to either be too hard to find or ridiculously overpriced: - YF-21 - All Zero valks - VF-4 Do you guys think this is doable/feasible ? Even though most of Bandai's and Arcadia's releases are relatively recent their stocks seem quite low, almost everywhere, is this phenomenon recent or has it been like this for some time now ? Is there any chance stocks will go back to normal ? I remember in the Yamato days it was mostly the very obscure variants that suffered from this low stock syndrome, but now you're lucky to find more than 3-4 variants in the same store (reminds me of the early 1/72 days). Does anyone know who currently holds the license to the Macross R/The Ride toys-wise ? It would be awesome if Arcadia could grab those.
  4. Wow, so, hi guys, long time no read. I don't know if anyone remembers me but I used to be quite active on the board several years ago, unfortunately I had to take some time away from the valkoholism for some years (yeah, bad timing). Last time I frequented this place Yamato was at their peak and Frontier was just being aired so imagine my shock when I started reading some of the news trying to catch up. I've been understand all that has happened with Arcadia and whatnot but the amount of threads is just too much, I'm sure I'm not the first guy (tried to search for similar topics but none were up to date afaik) but for the most part I think I've grasped the situation. Anyway, I've been trying to re-build my collection from scratch but it seems like all the popular stores either went under or stopped selling macross altogether (twinmoons, BBTS, etc), which is understandable after the Yamato debacle and the economic crisis. So what's the deal right now ? It seems that the presence of Arcadia has had little effect on either the availability or the overpricing of valks around the web and even then it's really hard to find anything in stock anymore, where are you guys getting your fix nowadays ? Ebay is unsurprisingly ¨filled¨ with overpriced auctions of the same 4 or 5 models and even HLJ seems to have pretty low-stocks (just 2 valks), even for DX valks, is something going on at the moment ? It feels as if the Valkyrie is an endangered species of the toy world. Are there any hopes of a comeback for macross now at this point (new series, anniversary,etc) ? My only expectations right now is to get the upcoming VF-0D (which ironically Is what I waited for the most from Yamato over the years) and some of the DX valks.
  5. Wow, what a ride... I think for the most part this was quite a pleasant experience for myself, Frontier certainly lives up to the Macross name. I loved the animation from start to finish, the music (although not my preferred style) was really good and the characters development was thoroughly enjoyable. The Valks were awesome too of course Having said that, Frontier went into a totally different route from what I initially expected (this isn't a bad thing at all though). At first sight I thought the Vajra plot would have an even development throughout the series, but then they pretty much kept everything secret up until the very last episodes, that certainly felt like a weak effort to me. They never fully explained (except for Grace last speech) what was the connection between the Vajra and Protoculture. I kept asking myself how did the Vajra connect with everything we've seen in past series ? I personally felt this part of the plot felt a little improvised or rather unexplored. Then there's the whole incongruence in technology, many things felt awkward for a story set in the 2050's-60's, many of the technology seen in Plus is absent from Frontier even in the smallest details i.e Ranka's/Sheryl's concert tickets vs Sharon Apple's holographic wrist bands. The Valkyries themselves are another good example (yes, I know Kawamori wanted to mirror the utilitarian and less hero-like qualities of SDF valks). Many of the features of Frontier valks are evolutionary not revolutionary in many respects. I (as many here) expected some kind of development in Fold technology, like internal fold engines for valks, but all they did was stick some crystals in there and extend the fold capacity. The Ghosts, for instance, never did anything spectacular until the very end, like they were unnecessarily dumbed down by the Judah System, and that philosophy can be applied to almost everything in Frontier (Destroids anyone?). Regardless of all this stuff I still liked pretty much everything that was shown in the series, I applaud the extended use of the koenig and the new Q-rau's as well as the different types of SMS valks. The VF-25 is a really elegant bird and the all-modes GBP armor is a great bonus, the VF-27 is just awesome in all regards . All the little easter eggs and neat little hints at old fans were great, I jumped like a little girl whenever I saw a reference to any of the past series. All in all I think I ended up getting used to all these things because the series was so brilliantly developed. This was, by far, the most detailed and well produced anime series I've seen in my life. The one thing that I truly never got used to were the character's design and the over the top/ fanservice moments, I guess I expected a more serious tone from my first impressions of the series. hahah yeah i know, I'm nitpicky Maybe it's just that for something so great as frontier I kind of wished everything was perfect. Good work Big K, good work. 9/10
  6. I know I keep saying this (frontier is that good) but DAMN! this is by far the best episode so far, and pretty much one of the most exciting episodes in the whole franchise. Anyway, I'm really glad Frontier has gotten this far with so many successful episodes, this one in particular had very good production values, wasn't expecting that at all. Good to see new Vajra evolutionary stages, I'm eager too see what's the next step. I just realized something :
  7. Oh boy, this episode was fun. I'm not a big fan of clip shows but this one has to be one the best I've seen lately, very plot-intensive as well. The animation itself wasn't bad at all, considering the budget of clip-shows nowadays. A few things that caught my attention tough: - The YF-24 is a much much more beautiful and elegant bird than the low budget looking VF-25, I'm really disappointed with Kawamori choosing the final VF-25 design over the original 24, such a waste...WHYYYYYY Froating Head WHHYY !!!??? - So Galaxy is all fine and healthy looking, what are they waiting for ? - Too many parties involved, LAI+Grace+Bilrer+Galaxy+Vajra+NUNS+SMS+Mao+Ranka+Leon, that is one heck of a conspiration. At this point I've gotta wonder where does the protoculture come into play. - Brera as Ranka's Bodyguard...a NUNS Mayor...bodyguard...Wait, what ? -Except perhaps for Plus, this has got to be THE most publicly acknowledged love triangle in the Macross Universe, that sing off was weird on so many levels. I'm with the people in favor of a polygamist relationship here, why choose only one when both girls seem so cooperative with each other ? I say there's enough Alto for both. - Where's Ranka's vajra pet ? maybe it's sleeping in its cocoon somewhere, waiting to come out as a red lobster and kill everyone. - Uh-oh, Leon and Grace finally get their hands on Ranka, this is not good.
  8. One Word: AMAZING! This is, by far, the best episode of Frontier I've seen in a long time. The animation was top-notch, certainly OVA quality and the sheer amount of awesome details were just perfect. I'm amazed at the fact that, even though this was more of an action orientated episode, we're treated to a good amount of character development. Of course, the most welcomed thing about this week episode was that we finally get progress on the plot (was getting a bit worried about the pace). My ratings for this episode are: Animation 9/10 Character development 7/10 Plot Development 9/10 Mecha Pron 8/10
  9. I'll take a 1/60 VF-5000 any day of the week, . Seriously though, If I had to choose from current Yamato releases I'd go with the 1/60 VF-1J. It's the perfect size, stays in scale with most other Yamato valks, has many improvements over past VF-1 toys, and it's the most iconic VF out of all the SDF valks for me. edit; yeah I forgot, make it a GBP if possible .
  10. This episode was like...I was really...I didn't expect all this...OMFG !!! Just when I thought Frontier wasn't advancing fast enough, BOOM! they just hit us with so much awesome. That really was a ''Planet of the Apes'' ending there, I was expecting Alto to just fall down and start screaming ''You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell! '' Here are my thoughts after watching this episode: - Every manly zentran warrior has a j-pop fanboy inside him - Yeah, the VF-27 seems to be unable to go through Fold distortions without a much powerful fold booster (actually, maybe it's not even a power issue ,those LAI boosters are probably just built around these new superdimensional gems) - WTH is that thing in the preview !? How could it shut down the VF-25 systems ? APHOS anyone !? - Ranka's intro was really nice, until I noticed those wacky sound speakers...that just gave me a BAD deja vu. - Alto is growing into a really skilled pilot, I liked that maneuver he pulled on the Zentran dude. - Poor Sheryl, it feels like she was tossed aside. Overall, a really awesome episode, probably my favorite so far. 9/10 score
  11. Well, we know the VF-1 will always get most of the votes, the same goes for the M+ valks and Zero/Frontier valks, it relates directly to screentime, so the most obscure ones will never get as much votes. For that Reason I voted VF-4, I don't see much merit in voting for the VF-1, YF-21 or 19, it's a given, they're instant classics, so my preference is to go with a less known valk, and the VF-4 is my second favorite after the 5000.
  12. I'm not really a big fan of Destroids overall, I like them yes, but I like my valks even more. Having said that, I'll be eagerly waiting for a Spartan.
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