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  1. Thanks for your comments guys, your help is greatly appreciated
  2. Hi there everyone. Sorry for reviving this old thread but I'm about to travel to HK next week, I was hoping to get something while i'm there, thinking it might be similar to tokyo in terms of availability and diversity toys-wise, but after doing some research around the webs for some of the shops mentioned here and the ¨when in Asia¨ thread there seems to be a shortage of Macross toys all around. I was hoping to finally get a macross toy since the last one I've bought was the old 1st gen yamato 1/60 VF-1J. I've been searching on youtube too, looking for other people's experience but the
  3. Thanks guys, you're the best, bless you all. That was very helpful in clarifying the current state of affairs, It seems my first impressions were mostly right in that: 1.- Yamato variants are almost non-existent nowadays 2.- Current valk stocks are VERY low (artificially or not) from either bandai or arcadia 3.- Demand seems unexpectedly high (?) 4.- Arcadia supposedly still has SDF, Plus, Zero and 7 rights but has taken very little advantage from Yamato's inheritance, only a few variants and in a very slow and limited run. Feels like we've gone from an industrial mass production schedul
  4. Wow, so, hi guys, long time no read. I don't know if anyone remembers me but I used to be quite active on the board several years ago, unfortunately I had to take some time away from the valkoholism for some years (yeah, bad timing). Last time I frequented this place Yamato was at their peak and Frontier was just being aired so imagine my shock when I started reading some of the news trying to catch up. I've been understand all that has happened with Arcadia and whatnot but the amount of threads is just too much, I'm sure I'm not the first guy (tried to search for similar topics but none wer
  5. Wow, what a ride... I think for the most part this was quite a pleasant experience for myself, Frontier certainly lives up to the Macross name. I loved the animation from start to finish, the music (although not my preferred style) was really good and the characters development was thoroughly enjoyable. The Valks were awesome too of course Having said that, Frontier went into a totally different route from what I initially expected (this isn't a bad thing at all though). At first sight I thought the Vajra plot would have an even development throughout the series, but then they pretty muc
  6. I know I keep saying this (frontier is that good) but DAMN! this is by far the best episode so far, and pretty much one of the most exciting episodes in the whole franchise. Anyway, I'm really glad Frontier has gotten this far with so many successful episodes, this one in particular had very good production values, wasn't expecting that at all. Good to see new Vajra evolutionary stages, I'm eager too see what's the next step. I just realized something :
  7. Oh boy, this episode was fun. I'm not a big fan of clip shows but this one has to be one the best I've seen lately, very plot-intensive as well. The animation itself wasn't bad at all, considering the budget of clip-shows nowadays. A few things that caught my attention tough: - The YF-24 is a much much more beautiful and elegant bird than the low budget looking VF-25, I'm really disappointed with Kawamori choosing the final VF-25 design over the original 24, such a waste...WHYYYYYY Froating Head WHHYY !!!??? - So Galaxy is all fine and healthy looking, what are they waiting for ? - Too
  8. One Word: AMAZING! This is, by far, the best episode of Frontier I've seen in a long time. The animation was top-notch, certainly OVA quality and the sheer amount of awesome details were just perfect. I'm amazed at the fact that, even though this was more of an action orientated episode, we're treated to a good amount of character development. Of course, the most welcomed thing about this week episode was that we finally get progress on the plot (was getting a bit worried about the pace). My ratings for this episode are: Animation 9/10 Character development
  9. I'll take a 1/60 VF-5000 any day of the week, . Seriously though, If I had to choose from current Yamato releases I'd go with the 1/60 VF-1J. It's the perfect size, stays in scale with most other Yamato valks, has many improvements over past VF-1 toys, and it's the most iconic VF out of all the SDF valks for me. edit; yeah I forgot, make it a GBP if possible .
  10. This episode was like...I was really...I didn't expect all this...OMFG !!! Just when I thought Frontier wasn't advancing fast enough, BOOM! they just hit us with so much awesome. That really was a ''Planet of the Apes'' ending there, I was expecting Alto to just fall down and start screaming ''You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell! '' Here are my thoughts after watching this episode: - Every manly zentran warrior has a j-pop fanboy inside him - Yeah, the VF-27 seems to be unable to go through Fold distortions without a much powerful fold booster (actually
  11. Well, we know the VF-1 will always get most of the votes, the same goes for the M+ valks and Zero/Frontier valks, it relates directly to screentime, so the most obscure ones will never get as much votes. For that Reason I voted VF-4, I don't see much merit in voting for the VF-1, YF-21 or 19, it's a given, they're instant classics, so my preference is to go with a less known valk, and the VF-4 is my second favorite after the 5000.
  12. I'm not really a big fan of Destroids overall, I like them yes, but I like my valks even more. Having said that, I'll be eagerly waiting for a Spartan.
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