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  1. jedimech

    Latest custom.

    Wow, nice job done there!!
  2. Agreed. The GNU line valks are also bigger than the revoltech line and can be easily customised.
  3. Just got my Klan Klan today. Very impressed with the sculpt. Now just waiting to get a Ranka & Sheryl.
  4. Yes, definately like to have the minmay guard schemes if they are doing it.
  5. Looks nice.......but with the yellow stripes, is that consider a low vis?
  6. Wow, the defender OD looks nice in person..... i like the tomahawk od as well...they look more cool than the original colour scheme. now got to save up for the destroids soon after getting the vf-22!!
  7. i kinda like the double nut paint scheme....but besides different paint scheme from original, still waiting to see if this new releases have fixed all the existing issues on the YF-19.
  8. that is really cute...wonder if can find it in the local stores.....
  9. Just curious, do you place your valks under the sun everyday???
  10. Nice weathering job!! But is it a waste to remove the "pure" white of the 1A TV version? I have always admire & like the "pure" white of the TV version.
  11. Wow....very nice box art indeed!!! Well done!!
  12. Agreed. The YF-19 has a gunpod too small for its size, while the VF-11B got a gunpod that is too big!!
  13. Nice work!! But are you doing the Monster Ranka decal?
  14. My little contribution. M+ valks taking sniper pose....
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