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  1. Nice to see some of my work still being enjoyed.
  2. I'm still alive.....last I checked. Cool to see the appreciation for these after all this time. Seems so long ago.
  3. I like that splinter scheme. Maybe combine that with the white GBP posted above. Need to make sure I have decals to support those colors. Thanks for the assist!
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I love the ideas, this is exactly what I needed. I really like that last GBP above, just might do that. For those that may be interested, I will likely end up selling this when I am done. Start saving your pennies.
  5. Hello everyone. It has been a while since I have been around. I have looked through a few of the recent threads and realize that the Macross world has changed a bit. So 1/60 is now the hot valk to have? Does anyone collect the 1/48's anymore? Anyway some of you may remember the custom work I used to do, I did a few 1/48's back in the day. I have been considering doing a new project. I have a 1/48 valk and GBP set laying around and thought I would do it up. What I am struggling with at the moment is a paint scheme. I could always go back to the low vis that I did several of. Maybe a hex camo of some type or a free form camo. Maybe overall desert tan? What are your thoughts? While I am considering doing this, please do not take this as I am back in the custom business....at least not yet. Thanks for your input!
  6. This is a commission job. No missles were provided with the kit and those were the only hands.
  7. Have a look. Sorry for the bad images, camera sucks. Kept the doors closed since there are no missles to go with it. Enjoy.
  8. Panel lining is done with oil washes. There is also some airbrushed pre & post shading to bring it out. My technique is more subtle than some I have seen. It really does not stand out in these images, better in person.
  9. Thanks guys. I price each custom based on the work involved, no set fee.
  10. Here is a pair of 1A's I just finished. I apologize for the images. I am really struggling with a new camera to get to take decent pictures up close. Sorry, I hope you enjoy anyway.
  11. Kurt

    Anasazi decals

    Hey Anasazi, nice to hear from you. Hope all is well. This issue came up a year ago and I have not heard of any other of my customs having this problem. Must be something unique about where those valks are being stored.
  12. Thanks everyone. Hasegawa makes a couple of modern fighter weapon sets in 1/48.
  13. Here is the latest. VF-1A in a Low Vis II Woodland scheme. Customer wanted to use these current weapons, I think they look good on there. Thanks for looking....enjoy.
  14. You know I have never counted....until now. I have done 60+ customs over the years.....wow! Didn't think it was that many.
  15. For the most part all of work has been on 1/48's. I did some of the old smaller valks from the other series. No one has requested the new 1/60's from me yet. Thanks for the compliments guys.
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