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  1. Grungy JLTV is complete. Starting to work on some stowage. Doors are not glued on. Will likely have at least a couple of them open once I settle on a diorama idea. Had a moment of horror just before I started weathering. I was squeezing some white paint out of one of those Valejo bottles onto a pallet and had the model too close. Opening had some dried paint on it that let loose and squirted white paint on the model. I quickly was able to remove most of it, but not entirely. Had to apply some weathering a bit heavier in certain areas to hide what remained.
  2. Paint applied. Added an oil dot filter last night. Next up is a little bit of chipping and the pin wash. Then on to the weathering.
  3. Already deep into the next project. A 1/35th JLTV to probably join the previous Abrams in a diorama of some sort. Not able to find a crew that fits this thing. Might just do a couple of figures standing outside the vehicle.
  4. Thank you! The faces were done with oils and Kolinsky brushes. I know acrylic is all the rage these days for flesh, but I just love the subtle blending abilities of oils. Doing faces is 1/72 would be difficult! I wish you luck. Personally, I wouldn't even try and pick out eye details on something that small. Just add some shadows in the appropriate areas.
  5. Thanks guys. My figure painting skills are very rusty. And my photography skills are non-existent!
  6. OK, calling this done for now. Added some stowage and found a nice pair of crewmen. I left them standalone for now, may use them and the tank in a future diorama. Again, not meant to accurately represent any particular Abrams variant or unit. Now on to the next.... which I have several to choose from. Thanks for looking.
  7. First armor subject I have done in a long time, actually the first plastic kit for that matter. Not meant to be totally accurate. M1A1 mostly, but added/deleted parts as I saw fit. Still have to work on more stowage and find a crew that I like. Any plastic crew figures I've seen are very soft on the details. Will probably make a diorama of some sort in the future. Maybe along with a JLTV and other figures. Thanks for looking.
  8. Hello all. Long time lurker on this thread. Some of you may remember me from doing custom 1/48 Yamato valks years ago. Well after about a 3-4 year hiatus from modeling, I finally completed a project that was kicking around for over 15 years. Yes, that long. For those not in the know, it is an HO scale Grand Trunk Western GP38-2. It is an unpowered Athearn shell with tons of aftermarket detail parts. It is not 100% accurate but captures what I was going for. I am happy with the loco itself. The base I feel I could have done better on. Applied several techiques picked up from other modelers and used this as a test for future projects. Let me know what you think. Up next, I am switching gears again. Already started on 1/35 M1A1 Abrams. I just hope this one doesn't take 15 years!
  9. Well those sure look familiar....and brings back memories.
  10. Nice to see some of my work still being enjoyed.
  11. I'm still alive.....last I checked. Cool to see the appreciation for these after all this time. Seems so long ago.
  12. I like that splinter scheme. Maybe combine that with the white GBP posted above. Need to make sure I have decals to support those colors. Thanks for the assist!
  13. Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I love the ideas, this is exactly what I needed. I really like that last GBP above, just might do that. For those that may be interested, I will likely end up selling this when I am done. Start saving your pennies.
  14. Hello everyone. It has been a while since I have been around. I have looked through a few of the recent threads and realize that the Macross world has changed a bit. So 1/60 is now the hot valk to have? Does anyone collect the 1/48's anymore? Anyway some of you may remember the custom work I used to do, I did a few 1/48's back in the day. I have been considering doing a new project. I have a 1/48 valk and GBP set laying around and thought I would do it up. What I am struggling with at the moment is a paint scheme. I could always go back to the low vis that I did several of. Maybe a hex camo of some type or a free form camo. Maybe overall desert tan? What are your thoughts? While I am considering doing this, please do not take this as I am back in the custom business....at least not yet. Thanks for your input!
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