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  1. Thumbs up for Okiniland. Placed an order for the combo pack Friday arrived Tuesday.
  2. Man ohh man.... wasnt on planning on getting one but damn, its a must now. Imagine this thing cel shaded and weathered!!!
  3. Finally got a FedEx tracking number from Hobby Genki 🤗
  4. No word yet on shipping from Hobby Genki..... 😒
  5. Hobby Genki has an eBay page, so slightly more confident they can fulfill the preorder.
  6. So like the PS5 madness but 10x worse?
  7. How much were pre-orders for other VF-1 Valkyries?
  8. I've never tried to preorder any Bandai Valkryies before. So what are the odds of getting a preorder placed on these new releases? Do they go ridiculously quick?
  9. Sideshow has the VF-1J Rick cockpit up for pre-order. Interesting since I thought they were all sold out..... Doesn't come with the 1/6 Rick action figure but with the skull canopy headshield. This better not be a new run, otherwise I'll be pissed!
  10. WTH, no retail art box and requires assembly?
  11. Shipping notice sent out. Kids Logic billed me $450 for shipping.
  12. Taking a long time with this one.... 1 year and 3 months now. Better not be as long as the Hot Toys Hulkbuster, lol. That was 2 1/2 years
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