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  1. I agree that he feels too tall, but I'm okay with that given the need to share the mold for cost effectiveness. I'm glad that unlike Minmay, his stand attaches to his back securely, making him easy to pose. The joints do seem fragile, so take your time as stated above by Roy. I was particularly pleased with the alternate collar as I didn't realize that would be included. Overall, I'm impressed enough with the figure to keep going with the line, especially given the financially manageable pace in which they're being released. Is there a possibility that we'll get DYRL versions or is that impossible since they're HG licensed figures?
  2. Thanks for the photo! Mine arrives tomorrow. He's a tall boy. How is the range of motion in his hips?
  3. She's a decent figure. She's not Figma quality, but she's far from a knock-off. My biggest gripe is that the stand does not plug securely to her back, so getting her to pose just right is a challenge, especially because her hair is in the way. She also has two left hands that are nearly identical, but is lacking a right "holding" hand. The hands aren't a big deal, but it feels like an oversight since it was shown in the promo photos. The airbrushing is a little weird, but feels in keeping with the Macross aesthetic. Overall, she's good enough that I'll get Rick (and Roy if they do him), but I'm underwhelmed. I really wanted to "love" this series of figures.
  4. I was going to ask the same thing. I was waiting to order Rickaru until I could evaluate Minmay in-hand. I was also hoping that KitzConcept would post a video of how his hip articulation works because they only look like they swivel in the current pics.
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    Macross figures

    I haven't visited the boards in ages, so please forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this. I just got an email from BBTS about a preorder for Robtech 4.25" figures. They look terrible. Far worse than the prototypes from 2015 http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/70327 Prototypes from SDCC 2015: Also, I found this browsing IG awhile back. Do y'all know if they're customs or if something like this actually exists?
  6. i used to wake up an hour before school started every weekday just to catch the series. bronski had the best e-frame by far. i still have mine albeit, missing a missile. the haircuts were terrible, especially jt's. i tried to re-watch the series with my girlfriend a few months ago and we could not get into it. i came to the realization that american cartoons have nothing on anime. weak animation and watered-down story lines for the lose. with the exception of Batman:TAS
  7. if that's what the issue is then fine. i didn't notice the bare breast and i couldn't go back for reference since the post was deleted along with the link to the picture (i had to search the original board for 20 minutes to find the image again ). i'm happy to comply with board rules and a simple pm after deletion would have prevented this exchange. out of curiosity, if i had censored the "sexual content", would the post have been allowed to stay? i won't make another post regarding this issue as i'm not trying to antagonize. thanks for taking the time to respond.
  8. it's a work of "art" by a person who likes macross enough to include some central mecha in their drawing. i don't see why the payoff size is of importance. it's a messageboard, not real estate. i'm a macross fan and thought the picture was interesting if nothing else. there is not a random picture post that i know of and i wouldn't want to clutter it with a very long image if there was. that's why i gave it it's own topic in what i deemed the most appropriate section. with all of the arguing, picture quoting, complaining, and borderline pedo stuff that goes on on this board, it's just silly that a post like mine would be deleted. there may be little mac substance to it, but it's still there. it's nothing like those online videos. the purpose was not to scare someone or shock you with macross imagery.
  9. i made a post yesterday or the day before in the fan works section. it was a really random drawing i had seen on a non-related board, but it did have a yf-19 and the macross in it. there were a couple of responses, and before i could even reply, the thread was gone. i can't find it in my posts, so i am assuming a mod deleted it. the picture was large, but i hotlinked it so it wouldn't use much of the board's resources. i'm self-conscious about posting here as it is, and this really doesn't help. was there a reason?
  10. northern tool and equipment sells quality jacks and jack stands. not sure how much you work on cars, but always use a double locking jack stand. never get under your car with just a jack...they can fail at any time. make sure to use wheel chocks too.
  11. it doesn't really fit well. my max tries to explode if i put him inside. his arms are too wide.
  12. i like what i see. partly because i love the design and partly because i'm completely obsessed with frontier right now. i haven't bought any yammies since my super floppy yf-19 and exploding vf-0s, so that's fueling the need for something new as well. if bandai comes through on the QC, i'll buy every last one.
  13. agreed. i think his contract specifically states that he doesn't have to put any effort into the roll of spidey. leaves plenty of time for other ventures.
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