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  1. thanks. tried to fit as many hero valks as i could. the dyrl case is still a work in progress T_T but i guess that's the fun in collecting. trying to complete whatever it is you're trying to complete. more ,macross books. will do.
  2. just got mine. and it's pretty craptastic. cheap material. poor design. and waaaaaaaaay overpriced. still. it has it's charms. and i like it a lot. by itself. the flaws are noticeable big time. from the looks of pics. panel lining helps. and it seems to mesh well with other valks. in fact putting it with other valks makes it a flaw hider. you know. like a car that's body and paint is in on ok condition. but the rims are so fly. they take all the attention away from minor scratches and dings.
  3. i see stickers. are they even worth putting on. will they make any difference.
  4. picked up the pilot for the vf-25f. ranma saotome. some other stuff too.
  5. i'm dying looking at all the wonfes pictures. T_T
  6. gunbuster76

    Hi-Metal R

    daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang. that thing is huge. and i bet gonna be a pricey one.
  7. gunbuster76

    Macross figures

    i saw that too. looks like it's almost 1/6.
  8. better than i thought it would be. probably even better than the vf-2ss i'm getting next month. T_T
  9. i've seen online (jungle/mandarake) the alto renewal armored parts new going for $190-230 usd before shipping. my brother just came back from japan and found one new for $134.00. kind of dismaying. the vf-25f renewal was roughly the same price online. what's so special about the armored parts.
  10. finally started on gto. it's really good. but current stuff would be gate. bbk/bbrnk. dagashi kashi. durara. and i jumped on the one punch man hype train.
  11. my brother brought this back for me from his japan trip.
  12. ima probably cave and get both. the payroll lady and the hr manager are gonna flip when they see it. already got them getting the hello kitty and my melody.
  13. hmmm. i wonder when mirage is gonna jump on the mic. her voice actor did do the closing song for chihayafuru. and other animes.
  14. another pic from my brother. hope he brings me back some good stuff from over there.
  15. gunbuster76

    Hi-Metal R

    my brothers in japan. sent me some bad pics.
  16. ima fan. and i dig the music. a lot. i'm ok with the walkure parts. i get it. but it can be a pushing a little. we'll see how this goes.
  17. the shogo is pretty ugly looking. T_T still getting it anyways.
  18. saw these at comic con. they're pretty bad.
  19. ooooh. i want one now. too.
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