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  1. the only other vf-1's i'd probably want in premium would be *crosses fingers* a vt-1 and ve-1.
  2. ugh. in for one of those premiums. that's a pretty big difference.
  3. i came here to see if someone thought the same thing. looks like i'm keeping my original po. mebbe.
  4. same here. good thing i waited.
  5. gunbuster76

    Macross figures

  6. gunbuster76

    Macross figures

    lulz. those ice cube pics. i die.
  7. gunbuster76

    Macross figures

    i wish bandai made an ice cube figure. it would only be proper having them all throwing up a w.
  8. thanks everyone. found a place for my playmo minmay. top shelf on detolf. sdf-1 with dyrl laserdisc as backdrop.
  9. i hope they go down the line and do max and kaki 1a's.
  10. i can see that i have it on my order list as new order on amiami. but i never got an email confirmation.
  11. medicom 1/6 kaneda. it's mine for now. friend got it with the bike. but only wanted it with the bike. i like it. but with a few blemishes here and there. to keep or not to keep. also. not sure if i should ask for a price drop. what's it worth in a used. i will say "b" condition. for some reason the red looks a bit faded.
  12. got my hands on a vf-11b from one of the members over at robotoyfest today. i'm not sure. but i think i've got all the hero valks. is the brown vf-1j a hikaru valk. anyways is there a list of all the hero valks that were made.
  13. ugh. nothing lines up right. still. you'll find the angle that makes everything look ok. stick it between two nicer valks. you'll never notice.
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