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  1. non macross. ima go with my medicom rah evengelion unit 01. and my soc gx-34 gunbuster. id like to get my hands on the she gunbuster too.
  2. sdcc you'll find a few. very few. there's a shop from sf that has some decent stuff. and the guys from frank and sons. anime expo was a disappointment. although i did come up on a v2 hikaru 2s for a hundred there.
  3. lol. daaaaaaang. macrossworld members are a bunch of ballers. my coworkers die when i tell them how much i spend on valks.
  4. chihayafuru. i'm pretty much a sixteen year old girl.
  5. the konig monster. so losing a spot on the bookshelf.
  6. throwing another lump in the fire. it's pretty. real pretty.
  7. for those of you with only one. what mode are you keeping it in. from the pics. i'm torn between figher and gerwalk. i normally don't like gerwalk. but that stance looks so aggressive.
  8. i'm more concerned with the build than i am with the color. sh*ts gonna look a little off with the lighting at my pad anyways. i use soft lights. ain't trying to have my toys fade.
  9. wow. that's a grip. i found a 1s v2 at anime expo for a hundred. and another for $125. at comic con. strike parts can't be that much.
  10. i just finished sakamichi no apollon. it was damn good. and i didn't realize it had so many macross connections.
  11. ima leave this right here. i had to leave it in a crouching position. because it's too tall for the shelf. oh. and poor kda. T_T
  12. nice. i didn't think i wanted a vf-171. i now want a vf-171.
  13. damnit. should have got one for my vf-4. T_T clean lines on the valk. with the clean lines on the stand = daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang.
  14. finally got the vf-1j. i've got all of the hikaru piloted valks in the 1/60 scale now. 2015 is off to a good start.
  15. i hope they do a 1j by itself. or with super parts.
  16. nice. what's the difference between the gold and sliver.
  17. has anyone ordered from anime export. i'm a bit hesitant. i've read bad things. but no first hand accounts.
  18. it's probably going to have ball joints for the ankles. T_T
  19. finally out of the box. both shoulders show signs of cracking. T_T but it's probably never leaving battroid . most of my my vf-1's are probably never leaving battroid. plus i've got some spare shapeways.
  20. it's probably going to have ball joints for the ankles. T_T
  21. it's not as bad as that link. yet. hopefully it won't get worse.
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