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  1. thanks saburo. waiting for your armored alto pics. should be nice.
  2. picked up another alto. didn't realize how huge this thing is. anyone know how big the alto renewal armored parts are in comparison. that's next. or a vf-11b.
  3. sorry to hear that. so yeah. my 171 is staying in fighter forever.
  4. picked up the alto 171. and the gx-34r. not sure if i want to keep the gunbuster though. seeing as i have the original gx-34. i got toy collector problems. T_T
  5. just one away from having all the altos. unless i decide to get the renewal for the super parts. sh*t. i'm probably gonna get the renewal. T_T
  6. oooooh wheeeeeee. this is turning into one of my favorites.
  7. it's gonna be a huge chunky. with lights. and maybe ball joints.
  8. it's gonna be idol master. meets macross frontier. and has a baby with escaflowne.
  9. i guess what i meant was. seeing four vf-4's in yellow. red. blue. and green.
  10. so waiting for one of you guys to do a skull squadron theme with these things.
  11. i know this isn't bandai. but will the preorders go quickly seeing that it's a web exclusive. i waited two weeks before i got mine from hlj when it first came out.
  12. ugh. i'm ok with this. my macross fanaticism outweighs the toy collector in me. and i'm excited to see this made. because really. no ones probably gonna try again. T_T
  13. entertainment earth is still taking preorders for the gx-34r. i've never used them before. but was told they were legit. http://www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo.asp?number=BA01264#.VUVPq5Mvafg
  14. it's a sturdy toy. probably one of my top three favorites. in looks and quality. it's held up well over the years. fingerprints are easy to see. but nothing a wipe down won't take care of.
  15. i normally don't buy variants. especially a color one. but ima have to get that gunbuster.
  16. did anyone race these back in the nineties. i hear there are guys somewhere in san diego that race these in their backyards. for money. or so they say. plus some guys who throw a local toyshow have a decent size track that they setup. soi picked up one with the new chassis. but put on an old body for nostalgic reasons. the newer technology is waaaaaaaay different from what we had in ninetyseven.
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