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  1. hahahaha. my friends are morons. T_T this is what happens when you're not paying attention. and they grab a hold of you max vf-1s. no. you're not mistaken. it's doing the sprinkler.
  2. got this today. the v2 glitter sh*t is cracking a bit on the canopy. but this is probably getting transformed once. and it's staying in battroid. i just need a 1j and i've got all the hikaru piloted valks. oh. and i guess it'd be nice to complete skull squadron. so if anyone wants to let go of a 1a max or kakizaki.
  3. From the album: asdf

    this was fun. hahaha. and yes. that's vape smoke we used. this reminded me of those old hype williams music videos. those are portable cell phone lights that had stands. $100 per light.
  4. From the album: asdf

    these came out around the same time. the folks at good smile company liked it enough to share.
  5. From the album: asdf

    more sh*t on my table.
  6. gunbuster76


    From the album: asdf

    i used a macross plus cd for the background. a bootleg one i got back in the 90's.
  7. gunbuster76


    From the album: asdf

    used a computer sub for this one.
  8. gunbuster76


    From the album: asdf

    sh*t i put together on my coffee table.
  9. gunbuster76


    From the album: asdf

    this is one of my favorites for the petites. ishtar doesn't get enough love. the colors came out nice. and i used the yamato 1/3000 for the background. all done with a cell phone.
  10. i never thought that i'd ever want a vf-19 kai. everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. but i own one. T_T
  11. woah. and i thought i paid too much three years ago.
  12. clean. looks good. and a space saver. aaaaaand holds up to three valks. sign me up.
  13. daaaaaaaaaang. now that's a mac 7 collection. nice use of space.
  14. hahaha. jumped on jungle and saw 2 b items. yf-21 under $200. and v2 vf-1j for $96 or something like that. gone before i could add to cart. T_T
  15. so close to pulling the trigger. that thing look good in gerwalk. and i don't even like gerwalk.
  16. ahem. my garage queen babygirl. is my favortie dtm car of all time.
  17. yeah. i looked at her and was like. how you gonna buy those two nendoroids without a valk. and then walked her over to the vf-25F. and laughed. now she knows the anguish involved in buying valks. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.
  18. my vf-19 kai came in on friday. and i picked up the vf-0a with ghost booster at macrossworld on saturday. oh. and the super robot chogokin anit gurren lagann. that was some time last week.
  19. a bad picture. of a few of my valks in my display case.
  20. From the album: asdf

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