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  1. the proportions seem a little off as a robot. they look pretty good in lion mode.
  2. i remember manually flipping mine. getting one that could read both sides was too much for me back then.
  3. hahaha. right. i told some folks at work about it. and the twentyseven year old asked the same thing.
  4. my brothers girlfriend is visiting the u.s. for the first time froma japan and brought me a copy of flashback on laserdisc. i used to own a copy back in the day but lost it. so i threw it in here for the time being.
  5. this sharon apple concert shirt is probably my favorite macross shirt.
  6. this giant robo is nice. a bit pricy for its size. but worth the buy.
  7. gunbuster76

    Macross figures

    the feet look like they have ball joints. pass.
  8. wow. that prophecy with super parts looking real good.
  9. my brother found a used alto armored parts set for me in japan back in for about $160.00.
  10. i use this shelf when my valks are in an in between state. and i don't have anywhere proper to put them.
  11. you know the messed up ones are the ones that end up going up in price.
  12. got this on jungle. surprised no one here picked it up. finally gonna get around to armoring up my hikaru 1s. it's funny how used armor cost me more than a brand new valk.
  13. i'll take it. hope they do the whole skull squadron.
  14. i got my macross plus shirt. it looks like amiami has the sharon apple one in black now.
  15. maaaaaaaan. at least a vf-11b. T_T
  16. i got lucky with my unit 01 and picked it up on re-release. woah. didn't realize unit 13 was going for so much. i passed on it at wonder con. it would have been $350.00 out the door. i do want a unit 02. anyone know what that's going for. oh. and an eye patch asuka.
  17. i don't plan on getting any other transformers. but i've wanted apollyon for a while now. mebbe i'll sell my macross collection. and do transformers instead.
  18. got this bootleg megatron at wonder con. who the hell is apollyon.
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